What is it like to study in Arellano University

I studied at the Arellano University way back 2012, and I only just graduated last April this 2017. For the last four years, it had been a home of my learning self, my growing personality, and had been a witness to how I strived to finish that long, final stage of education. Arellano is indeed one of the best university there is, but I want to consider the thought that no university is perfect.

Arellano University

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…but Arellano is, for me.

If you consider studying in the future in my Alma Mater, you might like to know about certain important things, and might as well take it from my own experiences.

What Arellano offers

Arellano University

Arellano University in Main

The university offers different bachelor degrees starting from Political Science, English, Elementary Education, Accounting and Information Technology, Business Administration, Education, Nursing, Tourism Management… and so on and so forth. My first dream course to pursue is Journalism because I dearly love to write—but Arellano had offered me a good, alternative course (Bachelor of Art in English) that has helped me hone my writing ability for a four-year program. I finished certain excellent subjects in related to English literature and grammar, even programs that have helped me adjust easily in corporate communications and norms.

Are there any courses in Arellano for foreign students?

Arellano University

Arellano University in Jose Abad Santos

Arellano offers different courses, as I have already mentioned—and they’re all open for foreign students!

The good thing about Arellano when it comes to foreign students—is that they provide first a three (3) months of English learning program to fully enhance your ability to converse in English, in one of the university’s branches. After that, they will let you choose from any of the branches where you could pursue your preferred course. From my four-year study, I noticed that the courses that best magnet foreign students are Medical Technology courses, Political Science, Business and Finance Courses, and Bachelor of Arts in English.

How many semesters are there in Arellano University?

Arellano University

First Batch of Vietnamese Students in AU

Arellano implements two semesters per year, between the month of June-November, and October to April. In each semester, a student can enroll up to 24 units, (3 units per minor and 6 units for majors), but it may depend if you are working or a graduating student that is keeping up with the graduation ceremonies. As for me, I used to be an irregular, Octoberian student, and during my last semester, I only enrolled 12 units, unlike the usual 22 or 24 units.

How much does a semester costs in Arellano?

Arellano University

Cross-enroll Thailand Students in Arellano

In my case, I got to pay approximately P20-25,000 thousand ($393.66-492.07) per semester. It will depend on the units you wish to take. I have made several foreign friends who had studied in the university, and I could tell that their tuition fees are much higher compared to a normal student like myself. But it can also vary depending on your bet course, as other programs such as Hotel Restaurant Management, Information System, Computer Science, and Biology tends to have laboratory and technical necessities.

How many branches Arellano has?

Arellano University

Arellano University in Pasig

My beloved university has five (5) branches: One in Legarda, one in Pasay, one in Pasig and the rest of the two are situated in Malabon and Mandaluyong. If you are to enroll in one of these branches, you must be near to your preferred staying location. But Arellano also offers school-boarding facilities, in which you can acquire upon enrollment. Most Arellano Branches are transportation accessible, as they are around Manila. As for me, I chose to study in Pasay Branch, where the Manila’s heart of transportation—Buendia—is situated.

What are the different extracurricular programs in Arellano?

Arellano University

an Arellano BasketBall player during a game

The best extracurricular activity you can enjoy in Arellano is our strong Basketball team set, as recently—we have won several national competitions and leagues. Our University is also active in Badminton, Tennis and Volleyball league tournaments, both locally and internationally.

Arellano University

Arellano’s Hot Shot volleyball players

Arellano Students like me were called as “Arellanites” or more in sports-related callings—Arellano Chiefs. There are a lot of extracurricular activities in the university you can spend your spare time, aside from attending your classes. You can participate in certain scholarly organizations such as Music Club, School Magazine/Newsletter and much more.

Arellano University

Arellano Standard Magazine Journalism Seminar

I have been a feature writer for Arellano School Magazine in Pasay branch for two consecutive years, and an Associate Editor in the same organization during my Senior Year. Filling these organization’s responsibilities help me get ready for the real challenges in the corporate world and writing industry.

Great quality of education—yesterday until today.

Arellano University

Since 1939, Arellano University has produced intellectual individuals that shaped most successful industries nowadays. I would recommend it to any foreign students, as the university’s courses and programs do really excel in making students’ abilities economically competitive, both locally and globally.

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