Up Your Milk Tea Game with Bobas N’ Cream

As summer slowly makes its way in the Philippines, finding ways to cool down can be a doozy. The heat makes everyone exhausted, thirsty, and hungry for something to keep them distracted from the sun’s wrath. However, in a tropical country like the Philippines, don’t expect Filipinos to get defeated by the summer heat. Keeping cool with fruit juices, shakes, milk tea, ice cream, and iced beverages are number one in everyone’s summer agenda.

Milk Tea Craze

So many booming beverage businesses have found a way to sell into the local market, and with milk tea businesses making a huge buzz all over South East Asia, the milk tea madness is a hype that won’t be going away anytime soon. From successful and beloved milk tea brands like ChaTime, Serenetea, Inifnitea, to Gong Cha, Coco, and Tiger Sugar, there’s no doubt locals and Filipinos everywhere will be short of their milk tea fix.

If you’re one to switch it up and try other ways to cool down, maybe soft serve and ice cream is your cup of tea. But imagine getting your milk tea and ice cream craving in one? Bobas and N’ Cream maybe the cooler to try for your summer taste buds. Bobas N’ Cream is an up and coming businesses started by a small group of friends who had the creative vision of combining two of their most favorite desserts, Bobas, the tapioca balls in a milk tea, and ice cream.

Bobas N’ Cream

According to Pepper, Bobas N’ Cream innovates by using light and creamy soft serve ice cream and uses real tea leaves for their ice cream. There are three flavors, Milk Tea, Twist, and plain Milk that goes with bobas and crispy waffle cookies of your choosing.

Toppings also include toasted polvoron, and chocolate and caramel syrups in preference. Price starts at Php 110 to Php 200 and ironically does not have a physical store just yet. Bobas N’ Cream appears in various bazaars, markets, pop-ups, and events around Metro Manila, so stay tuned to get your dose of summer coolers with a milk tea twist!

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