Top 5 Beaches To Visit Near Manila

The busy life in Manila is not unfamiliar to many city goers and residents. With the number of people and the piling loads of work in every working individual’s desk, being burned out of work is common. Thus, the constant need for people to exhaust money on weekends or vacations. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time planning vacations and trips, so most people tend to postpone or even cancel them.

Many Manilenos tend to get lazy to push through with the plans and just waste their money on impractical or impulsive purchases. Planning short weekend trips is possible when your destination isn’t far and affordable to go through with.

There are several beaches just outside of Manila that beach and sun lovers can explore when needing a break from work. The following are just a few beaches to visit when in the mood for a quick getaway trip with friends and family.

5 Beautiful Beaches to Check Out When Burned Out from Work

1. San Antonio, Zambales

San Antonio, Zambales is just 189 km from Manila. It’s a short 3-hour drive which you can enjoy with your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, family or even just by yourself. The place is filled with beautiful beaches like Nagsasa Cove, Silanguin Cove, Anawangin Cove, and Talisayin Cove.

These tourist spots have alluring coasts with blanketed volcanic ash straight from the guts of Mt. Pinatubo. Another notable feature is the Agoho trees which rise from the ashes generating cool air, resulting in a Baguio like breeze as you lounge on the sandy beach.

Getting there by car as mentioned, is around 3 hours and 48 minutes from Metro Manila and by bus 4 hours. Getting there by bus or public transport is just PHP 250 to PHP 270. Tricycle rides from the Sa Antonio public market to Pundaquit cost PHP 30 which last from 10 to 15 minutes. Boat tours usually range from 1,000 to 2,000 PHP.

  • Anawigan: PHP 1,000
  • Nagasa: PHP 1,500
  • Silanguin: PHP 2,000

Note: Pay an extra PHP 500 for a stop at Capones and Camara Islands

2. Subic, Zambales

By car, Subic is reachable in just a 3-hour 10-minute drive. You can also get there by public transport by bus to Olongapo City for PHP 207 to PHP 280 depending on the route taken. An estimate of 4 hours is the travel time via bus from Metro Manila. Jeepneys are available to ride to get to the Freeport zone.

Some popular beaches commonly visited by locals and tourists include Baloy beach, Dungaree beach, Camayan beach and Halfmoon beach. Other beach resorts are also located in several areas like Wild Orchid Beach Resort Subic Bay, Icove Beach Hotel, and Club Morroco Beach Resort and Country Club

3. Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Laiya Batangas is another travel hub and traps for every beach lover which is only 148 km away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.  It will take 3 hours and 28 minutes to get to Laiya via car and 1 and a half to 2 hours via bus to Lipa City’s bus terminal.

If you’re traveling with a group, beach resorts are also good to explore in Batangas. Some of the most visited are Laiya Coco Grove, Laiya Beach Club, and Laiya White Cove Beach Resort among others.

4. Calatagan, Batangas

Another beach paradise sun babies love to visit for a weekend trip is Calatagan in Batangas. The place is filled with stunning beaches and accommodating beach resorts to cater to every person’s much needed R&R.

Going to Calatagan will take 3 hours and 30-40 minutes via car, and 3 to 4 hours via van or bus from EDSA-Taft to Calatagan for PHP 200. Once you arrive at the town center, take a 20-30 minute tricycle ride to the lighthouse ranging PHP 150 to PHP 200.

Burot beach is the best beach to visit in Calatagan. There are also great beach resorts to visit which include Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort, Casa Astillero, and Ronco Beach Resort to name a few.

5. San Juan, La Union

A beach that has been a 2017 crowd favorite is San Juan La Union. People who enjoy surfing, lounging and just jamming with other tourists and travelers are often spotted here. There are several hostels that provide budget travelers the best of the best of their experiences.

It takes 4 hours and 45 minutes to get to La Union if you’re driving a car. If you are traveling using public transportation, there are several private buses to La Union that ranges from 4 to 5 hours. From San Juan’s main plaza, tricycles are available to take from south to San Juan Beach in Urbiztondo on MacArthur Highway which would cost around PHP 30-40.

Weekend Getaway within Your Reach

Getting out of your typical work routine is a must to keep a safe and stable mental health. Road trips with friends and colleagues are always fun because of the great company that helps ease you out of your stress. Topping that weekend get away with a beach trip is the last step. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming and lounging on the beach with other beach bums. This is all reachable by car or bus which makes the trip even more worth your money. What are you waiting for? File that leave and get a tan this weekend to the nearest beach from Manila. Happy hunting!

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