Top 3 Breakfast Foods You’ll Find in a Filipino Household

Breakfast is a big deal in every Filipino’s household. Since eating three times a day is practically a standard in the Philippines. Filipino cuisine is a mix of savory and sweet flavors which I’m sure expats and tourists living and visiting the country are already familiar with. From Adobo to the Pinoy version of spaghetti sauce, a great juxtaposition of flavors that many Pinoys have been accustomed to.

Filipino breakfasts range from sweet, salty to savory and even a mix of tanginess in dishes like tocino, champorado, pandesal, tapsilog, and longanisa among others. These are some of the best and ost affordable breakfast meals found in a variety of restaurants, food stalls, and “jollijeeps” all over the country. Most commonly, they’re constantly made in every Filipino’s home, a must for those who wish to start a great day ahead.

3 Popular Filipino Breakfast Foods

1.    Pandesal with hot coffee

This is a classic Pinoy go-to for a quick breakfast for those off to a busy and long day at work. Pandesal is literally translated to “Bread of Salt” which is the most popular type of bread in the Philippines and is demanded every morning freshly baked from “panaderias” (bakeries) in local barangays and town propers. This is best eaten when dipped in hot coffee as a it is a simple yet interesting mix in your palette, a must try when in a local panaderia.

2.    Champorado

One sweet variation of breakfast food in the Philippines is Champorado. Similar to chocolate oatmeal, this dish is different in a way that it is made out of rice and local chocolate known as “tableya” and is a very simple dish that many young kids enjoy in the morning. Champorado can also serve as a great dish for “meryenda” or afternoon snack as the supplementary fourth meal of the day in an average Filipino’s diet.

3.      Tapsliog

This one is a quintessential favorite of any Pinoy. Beef tapa with fried or scrambled egg with fried rice is a great combination for those who are into heavy breakfast meals or those who prefer to brunch than have an early morning breakfast. Beef taap is best with salt an spices that is simply grilled or fried but is always best with garlic rice and egg, a must to check off your food trip when in the Philippines.

Start your morning right!

The best way to start you day right is to have a solid and packed breakfast. Eat like a Pinoy and start your trips to the Philippines with a great breakfast dish that you can get anywhere and anytime as many places serve all day breakfast in the country.

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