The New Boracay: Party Island to Paradiso

When it comes to a rad summer party, the beach is always the first place that comes to mind. Beach parties are a huge part of a summer vacation in a tropical country. The Philippines is composed of several islands that are home to superb island life and hosts multiple beach parties that several tourists and travelers come for. Boracay Island has been known as the party central for many beach lovers and night life seekers. The island was closed down last year for a huge renovation and restructuring that sparked nationwide shock which was ordered by the Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte.

A few months after the soft opening, the white sand party beach is no longer. Several new laws are in place for tourists and guests to strictly follow, as well as the suspension of several island activities like water sports and a ban on drinking and smoking. The Labor Day event that drew thousands of tourists every year coined as “LaBoracay” has been put to an end and is officially a thing of the past.

Waste Accumulation is Still Prevalent

Many changes and adjustments were made during the reconstruction of the island and have evacuated half of the businesses locals depended on for a living. The brand new beach paradise has been making noise all over the world, sparking some controversy on the maintenance and upkeep of the beach.

Tourists and visitors who plague Boracay managed to trash the beach just a few days into the soft opening, alarming environmentalists and organizations working to prevent plastic and waste in the country. Cebu Pacific reportedly donated trash bins with information on proper waste disposal all over the island to encourage travelers to keep things in order and help preserve the new island’s cleanliness.

The Department of Tourism is putting its foot down and will be requiring other establishments to submit necessary permits to host guests and continue business operations in the island. Since the reopening, only 157 hotels available for accommodation. Flights to Boracay have also been limited in order to ensure overpopulation of the island doesn’t happen again.

Preserving the Sanctity of the New Bora

A special task force called Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force appealed to airlines in order to set boundaries and uphold the new rules for the new island. Since the reopening of the new Boracay, only 6,405 tourists are allowed in the island per day according to the Secretary of DOT, Berna Romulo-Puyat.

In spite of all the new changes in Boracay, the party island has also shed off its natural beauty and showcases more of the natural wonder its visitors didn’t always get to see. Hues of blue circulate the island, highlighting the timeless beauty of Boracay that many people are continuously captivated by. The effort to keep the majesty of the island is up to the locals and tourists alike. Putting our best foot forward to get the most of your island vacation is possible without having to expend so much waste; team work makes the dream work, as the saying goes.

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