Tales from an Assumptionist: Private Catholic School in Manila for Girls

The Philippine education system among the private sector encompasses several demands of the privileged and the elite. Despite such high standardized notions, quality secondary education is deemed outstanding among such schools and universities in the Philippines, like Saint Pedro Poveda High School, La Salle Greenhills, Ateneo De Manila University, St. Paul College, Miriam College, St. Scholastica’s College, Colegio San Agustin and Assumption College to name a few. These are all renowned private all-boys, all-girls and co-ed high schools and colleges who continue to pioneer Manila’s top notch private education system. With each of their own core mission and visions, purpose and pillars, indeed the Philippine private education system has plenty to offer but of course, has room for further improvements.

The Assumption Education: Women of Faith and Women of Action

Coming from an all-girls private catholic high school, it is ingrained in me to be an Assumptionist before anything else. Hailing from Assumption College, San Lorenzo, Makati City for a good 14 years from my primary years up to my high school years, the experience of growing up in an institution that thrives in raising girls to be “women of faith, women of action” is both willfully liberating and restricting, let me elaborate as to why.

Having the privilege to be called an Assumptionista is beyond overwhelming and also an honor that comes with unending responsibility. There is a certain level of finesse and magnitude that is reconciled with the role and it’s probably because of the school’s pioneering Assumption nuns who are testament to what it’s like to live the chaste, religious order with utmost dignity as women of faith and women of action, as their guiding mission. Going by this example, several young girls are molded into their own versions of Saint Marie Eugenie, the religious of the Assumption’s founder and pioneer model of action and faith.

Tales from an Assumptionist

The Religious of the Assumption

Assumption College is a school founded by Saint Marie Eugenie, a French nun who established the Religious of the Assumption worldwide. The school hailing from different parts of the Philippines from Makati and Antipolo City to Iloilo and Davao, the Assumptionist is present in every corner of the country to live out the Assumption pillars in everyday life. This entails faith and spirituality, academic excellence for service and social responsibility towards others. Assumption is embellished by the core values it instills among students, which includes delight in spiritual adventure with God, the uniqueness of each person, excellence for service, learning community, empowerment and collective social responsibility.

The 14 years I’ve invested in Assumption College has provided me with a long, memorable and insightful experience among many other life lessons I’ve garnered from the institution. Although, my secondary education is what I consider the most enlightening and dear to my heart, due to the enhanced methods of teaching among the educators and the styles they apply to continue leading with transformative education. Academic excellence being a prime factor for transformative education has established a sense of self and skill among Assumption students like myself. The Basic Education Division including the newly added Senior High, has focused on teaching subjects in the most innovative, structured and culturally enhancing manner.

Basic academic subjects

  • Christian Living Education and Religion
  • Filipino
  • History and Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science courses: Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • English and Literature

Non-academic subjects

  • Art
  • Music
  • Computer
  • Home Economics and Living Education: Sewing and Cooking
  • Physical Education: badminton, basketball, volleyball, swimming, futsal, and dance among others


Tales from an AssumptionistTales from an AssumptionistCampus and Facilities

The campus of Assumption San Lorenzo has definitely changed throughout the years. With major improvements and additions like the sports complex equipped with a hundred-meter pool, basketball court, badminton court, volleyball court with fully functioning showers. Aside from this, classrooms are upgraded with white boards instead of chalk boards, individual desks and complete audio-visual facilities from flat screen televisions, projectors, DVD players among others. Computer classes are also more conducive to learn in with its full desktop MAC computers that are entrenched with Adobe programs, Photoshop, iMovie, and other editing and recreational features taught to students. There is also a newly renovated chapel where Assumption nuns constantly hold masses, vigils and recollection for students as part of instilling the faith and spirituality of every young Assumptionist. The campus maybe small with 4 sections per year level containing a class of 45 by estimate. Reshuffling of sections happens every year aside from the last 2 years where they stay in one permanent section for junior and senior year.

Ad Memoriam: Academic Exposure through Innovative Culmination

Tales from an AssumptionistTales from an AssumptionistPersonally, junior and senior year was the most challenging and fulfilling years of my Assumption experience. Every subject became difficult and demanding with  requirements, and tests that pushed me to take all-nighters to study. Comprehensive exams became a struggle to pass and even more frustrating with probationary statuses to get out off. It was all very much conflicting but looking back, every struggle was rooted from a choice and the will to go through and on with such challenges intensified the need for me to prove I can achieve academic excellence and be a woman of faith and action. My Assumption education was molded by active experiences propelled by every academic subject’s growing pursuit for innovation and transformation. Every subject had a culminating activity that motivated students to be active participants in school events like Shakesfest which was a 2-day event that is initiated by the English department where students dress up and take part by performing pieces from Shakespeare studied in respective English and Literature classes. Another memorable event was Camp Hope launched annually by the Christian Living and Religion department where students take part in creatively applying lessons in simulations that are 1 week long and engaged the whole Assumption community in recreational activities. Among others are 3 day intramural by the Physical Education department, the Buwan ng Wika (Filipino Month) fiesta by the Filipino department and non-academic activities that fostered social responsibility among students.

Tales from an Assumptionist    Tales from an Assumptionist Tales from an Assumptionist

Social Responsibility and Extra Curriculars

This would take place in and outside of the campus for we would visit impoverished communities to help build programs and immersion in their lives. Gawad Kalinga Foundation among other partner organizations would help facilitate such activities with our school’s Center for Social Involvement to encourage students to be socially involved in serving others for the betterment of society. The most memorable outreach activity I took part in was the building of houses and reconstruction of city gyms in Pamapanga where we were also able to interact with the Aeta community; an indigenous tribe in the Philippines. Being able to immerse myself in such experiences truly made me understand whole-heartedly the meaning of servant-leadership. Being a person for others and living a life with humility has become a challenge I strive to conquer up to this very day thanks to the collective experiences I’ve garnered from such experiences.

Extra-curricular activities are also very much vibrant in the Assumption education. “Clubs” has become a weekly activity that many students look forward to.

Tales from an Assumptionist Tales from an Assumptionist  Tales from an Assumptionist  Tales from an Assumptionist  Tales from an Assumptionist  Tales from an Assumptionist

Growing Skill and Passion through Proper Exposure

Starting out as an active participant in my high school newspaper, Facets, became a propelling and molding stage of my interest in writing. It was in this club my moderator, Mr. Heredia became the first ever educator to see my potential in the writing field where he encouraged me to submit pieces to the Junior Inquirer, the country’s Philippine Daily Inquirer’s junior newspaper for young writers. Growing a love for the skill, I eventually became the club’s features editor and was able to publish more than the targeted quota of issues during my last two years in Assumption. Extracurriculars was where I thrived and where I base all the knowledge, skill, and lessons acquired throughout my stay in the college, making me the me the individual I am today; a woman of faith and action using her gifts to better improve the other people’s quality of life or so I think I am.

Tales from an AssumptionistTales from an AssumptionistInvesting in good quality private education for children is a goal for every parent and Assumption College, with all confidence, is an educational institution to consider especially if you are folks planning to migrate to the Philippines. The Assumption education is one that holds promise and holds the outright pursuit to raise young girls with true grit, servant-leadership, and the audacity to face real life challenges, while instilling the capacity to  achieve academic excellence and simultaneously empowering others through social responsibility.



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