Sweet Ecstacy at Manila’s Newest Sighting: The Desert Museum

The city life in Manila, Philippines has many ups and downs. The many ups aside from modern living, commercial developments, and fluent English speakers amongst many Filipinos living in Manila are just some of the pros of the city life. There is a booming industry for leisure and luxury concepts in establishments like museums, parks, and recreational centers. One of the new sights that opened in Manila is the Dessert Museum.

For people who have quite the sweet tooth and want to spend their day in an establishment curated after six wonderful desserts, the Dessert Museum in Conrad Hotel in the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City is the place to be. They are open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM from Sundays to Saturdays.

The regular rate for the entrance fee is at PHP 799 which can be purchased online on their website. The Dessert Museum also has ticket promotions for early bookers, from PHP 799 down to PHP 699 which includes a two-hour tour through eight dessert-themed rooms. Visitors can also get a taste of a few desserts, from chocolate covered marshmallows, donuts, cotton candy, among others. Payment can be done via Paypal online, credit card, or Dragonpay which caters to several bank transfer transactions.

Tours at the Dessert Museum have an interval of 15 minutes starting 10:15 AM. Visitors should remember to be in the venue 15 minutes before their booked tour. Guests who come late will be required to rebook their slot by paying for a rebooking fee. Being punctual is utmost encouraged.

Not only is the dessert Museum a great place for couples on dates, it’s also a place that is interesting for friends and groups to spend some leisure time. The Dessert Museum offers group discounts large groups can avail of. The best way to get the exact pricing is by e-mailing The Desert Museum at events@thedessertmuseum.com.

The aesthetic of the museum isn’t the only ideal aspect of this well-conceptualized place. It also holds the promise of its “Instagram-friendly” interiors, with a variety of hanging décor and tasty treats for guests to devour and take mini photo shoots with. Get the glow up in The Dessert Museum’s one of a kind cotton candy appeal. Indeed, the Dessert Museum is every millennial’s dream.

Going to the Dessert Museum on weekends is a great way to make the most out of your leisure time. If you’re fond of colorful displays, sweets, and interactive fun, then The Desert Museum should be one on your bucket list. Having fun in Manila doesn’t always need to be in a mall eating or watching a movie; The Dessert Museum is one place that can assure you of a blissful time.

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