Sustainable Filipino Businesses to Start Supporting Before 2019 Ends

As the climate crisis begins to manifest changes in our everyday lives, people from all over the world have been modifying the way they live and work. In the Philippines, the rise for eco-friendly and sustainable products and businesses have peaked and continue to trend for those who wish to enjoy their favorite products and services, but with the comfort of knowing where and how they’re made.

Local sustainable businesses in the Philippines practice ethical sourcing and production which many don’t even seem to notice when they go online or mall shopping. It’s time to be more thoughtful of how much waste we produce by buying fast fashion or cheap yet low quality products. Think big, think green, and support sustainable businesses for and by every Pinoy.

3 Sustainable Businesses to Check Out For Your Christmas Shopping Spree

1.      V&M Naturals: Emu Oil

If you’re a skincare junkie and care about finding a more natural alternative to big mass-produced brands, then V&M Naturals is one to consider. This brand has been a keen advocate for all-natural products for both men and women.

Its best-seller for the year is the Emu Oil which many beauty vloggers and skincare aficionados have been raving about for its flexibility in the application on various skin types, as well as the rapid effects it has on skin healing, especially acne scars. The product is said to hydrate and beautify the skin with a more glow after a few weeks of consistent use. Emu Oil’s recipe is made of pure recipes and premium herbs and has made it a point to exclude sulfates and alcohol to their products.

2.      Neotiv: Hand-Woven Shoes

When it comes to finding comfortable and affordable shoes, Greenhills, Shoemart or Payless is usually the go-to stores of the Filipino masses. However, finding a more sustainable alternative can also be an option for people who wish to support local weavers and producers in the country. Neotive is a brand that is not just about selling comfy and tasteful footwear, but a brand that fosters relationships with its workers who happen to be tribe weavers from Mindoro. Weaving is a Filipino custom that is not practiced as much as it should be anymore and only by natives who have preserved the meticulous and tedious process.

Neotiv is a brand that empowers the Mangyan people of the Philippines by working with them to ethically source fabric and collaborate with them throughout every step of the production. The intricately hand-woven shoes boast authentic hand-woven designs from Philippine indigenous textiles from various groups in the country. The up and coming sustainable local brand ensures that these proudly Filipino made products are not just for flaunting, but one that suits every person’s lifestyle.

3. Sustainable Dog Treats and Meal Plans

Having pets can be more than just fun sometimes, and more often than not they contribute to increasing our carbon footprint on planet earth. However, feeding them and regulating their meals and other methods of keeping them healthy doesn’t always have to come in the boring dog food you buy from the grocery in bulk. Thanks to, dog owners can mix up their dogs’ meals for the week or month, and order online. The best thing about the local business is that it is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (Barf) fed to your canine friends, thus giving them a healthier option than just dog nibbles. aims to spread awareness of what dogs consume and what we feed our pets. In producing its products, it empowers dog owners to learn how to naturally feed our furry friends. The meat-based diet that our pets need to thrive, it gives them better hygiene, digestion, muscle tone, and many more pros than cons. curates meal plans for your dogs and is customizable by owners themselves, and works well with their customers to lessen plastic use by integrating a practical rewards system that states “for every returned jar, you get a 10% discount on one item” from their menu and products. The service also maximizes every part of their base and avoids food waste, truly a proudly Pinoy idea that needs more attention and more support for the betterment of our pets, and our local community producers from Benguet, Tarlac, Sorsogon, and Bulacan.

Support Local, Stay Sustainable!

The need to care about our environment and the planet we live in matters. Wherever you are from, what you do, or what you buy, all these are circumstances and choices you can manipulate. Supporting local businesses by the Filipino, and for the Filipino is one way to keep morale up, and another to keep our carbon footprint low. The goal to save the earth and be more eco-conscious is a collective one that we all have to work together in order to achieve, one mindful purchase at a time. Be proactive in learning where your products come from, who made them, and where your money is going, because in the long run, keeping the Philippines alive means keeping one part of the planet alive and well.

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