Student Friendly Services and Discounts for those on Allowance

Being a full-time student or even a working student can be a challenge and there is no understatement to that. With several universities and colleges in the Philippines, the pursuit for higher education is constantly altering and progressing through time. Of course, in such regard, the challenges students face aside from academic achievement and social activity involve the actual journey of going to school and staying in school. Factors to consider also include getting to school, buying proper school attire, buying affordable food and also enjoying in the process can be tricky, due to the fact that many students are on a budget based on allowance either from parents or institutions themselves.

Uber’s 20% Student Discount

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The norm now is mostly app based when it comes to transportation, such as Uber and Grab. Uber is widely used by anyone and everyone in Manila and other areas available beyond it where it is available. There are several people always booking and sharing rides, not to mention the surge pricing that occurs daily during rush hour. One hack for students would be Uber’s 20% student discount which is available to any student with a valid student ID and proof of enrollment like an enrollment assessment form from the registrar’s office of universities and colleges.

The 20% discount is available to PWDs and senior citizens as well and is valid until the promo expires. This discount has helped several friends of mine, as well as my own sister Janina who is a college student in the University of the Philippines, and avidly uses Uber as daily means of transportation. Uber for short trips is also very much convenient for people like my sister who always has a lot of bags and things to bring. It’s probably a bit more expensive compared to taking a tricycle or a jeepney, but Uber X and Uber Pool discounted is much more affordable and offers the usual perks of riding a car; air-conditioning, proper navigation, space for baggage among others.

I have actually been able to experience this 20% discount when I asked my sister to book a trip for me through her Uber with the applied discount at hand. It’s usually required for the driver to ask for the student rider’s ID for proof of discount validity but since most Uber drivers are lenient in Manila, I was never really asked to present a student ID.

The steps of activating this discount is simple and doable via the app itself, the following are the steps you need to follow in order to apply the discount for immediate use.

Spotify Premium’s Student Discount

Student Discount 5Music is probably a necessity for every student on the go or staying in studying. The need for rhythm and sounds is usually deemed conducive to productive study habits among students. Music downloads have been the norm for the last few years via iTunes and what not, but lately music streaming like Spotify has been sweeping the nation with its Premium feature and the flexibility the app has for its users.

Spotify has several affordable plans for those availing individually, as a family or even as a student. Students can avail of Spotify Premium for only PHP 65, complete with the no ads and no extra charges applicable until offer expires. Students will then have to present proof of study to Spotify by sharing information with a SheerID (, where they will be able to receive confirmation regarding their student status as well. Students will have to disclose their name, the name of the educational institution they attend, their email address and date of birth.

Shopping Discounts from Forever 21 and H&M

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Student Discount 2Of course, back to school outfits are to be considered to suit the demands and environments of your university of college. Most universities in the Philippines usually have several dress codes implemented for students to follow. Other colleges even have business attire as an implemented uniform, while others don’t band any clothing for the sake of self-expression. With constant fluctuations in university dress codes, the need to upgrade or even downgrade some clothing can be considered a mandatory excuse for shopping. Shopping for clothes can be quite a drag and also a treat for people and as students, the life of living within an allowance can be quite a fickle. Luckily, affordable clothing apparel stores like Forever 21 and H&M are considerate of their student customers. With a 4% cashback, students who shop at Forever 21 can get their money’s worth just by presenting a valid school ID upon payment. The same goes for H&M where they hold an annual sale specifically catered to students, presenting them with a 15% voucher after every purchase. This enables student shoppers to maximize their shopping experience and get the best out of their back to school outfit, all accessible with just one valid student ID upon payment.

Being an avid shopper myself back in college, I would definitely find the right timing to visit H&M to get their student vouchers and avail of the 15% discount during sales. It became quite the habit and made my college wardrobe versatile and within the limits of my college’s dress code. With student-friendly discounts becoming a trend in many apparel stores in the variety of malls in Manila, students are given more options and variation when shopping for their school wardrobe, whether it’s smart casual or just plain casual, there are unlimited options for the most affordable prices.

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