Sarah Geronimo’s “Tala” Dance Trends Worldwide

The local showbiz industry in the Philippines is a bustling one and continues to entertain Filipinos all over the country, and now, even all over the world. Singer-songwriter and dancer Sarah Geronimo, one of the country’s finest artists has managed to become a worldwide trending topic via Twitter and social media. “Tala” a song Geronimo wrote over four years ago just came out with a music video and accompanying dance. To no surprise, social media picked up on the new dance craze, with several people online copying the dance and becoming another viral video within days of its release.

As the New Year started, January 5th, was already declared as “Grand Tala Day” on the local day time show ASAP Natin ‘To where the singer herself led the event with a dance procession all over Manila. The recurring song sensation was written by Nica del Rosario who told local music channel, MYX, that there’s utter disbelief in the song becoming popular and relevant again. Tala also paved a way for many LGBT folks to come out and let their freak flags fly. Local bars and clubs all over the city have picked up on the song’s popularity and was even incorporated in several drag shows.

The popularity of the dance trended worldwide and even reached K-pop group Momoland, who recently visited the Philippines and performed their version of the dance on local night show on ABS-CBN, Gandang Gabi, Vice! Indeed, there’s no question that when it comes to singing and dancing, the Filipino spirit is very much alive and well. Talent runs through the blood and veins of many Pinoys and it’s no question that Sarah Geronimo herself is representative of that quality, along with the millions of Filipinos and social media users worldwide making the dance choreography trend on Twitter and on TikTok.

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