Salad Stop: The Filipino Business Promoting Healthy Gourmet Food

Filipino food an array of flavor, from sweet to savory to spicy and rich, there’s no in between when it comes to the Pinoy food. Although many locals enjoy the flavorful comfort food that dishes like sinigang, adobo, afritada, and kare-kare, Filipinos today have become more aware of what they consume daily. As many young Filipinos lean towards a healthier lifestyle, the demand for greener and leafy dishes has been met. More local businesses and restaurants have been geared towards giving everyday Filipinos a delectable yet healthy gourmet selection of options to try aside from the home cooked Filipino food that isn’t always the healthiest.

Local businesses like Salad Stop is one of the few who have strengthened the need of people to be more healthy, without sacrificing the quality and flavor of their dishes. This June, Salad Stop celebrates its success with 13 existing branches in Manila and 2 branches in Cebu, with the second branch just opening at Oakridge Business Park.

Salad Stop provides a healthier avenue for people working 9 to 5s finding a much more convenient yet nutritional food than just fast food which most locals are accustomed to having. As the restaurant’s name suggests, Salad Stop is a local stop and go shop where people can get their salad fixes and not just boring green salad, but a salad with actual color and other fresh ingredients that can make a healthy meal not just bland, but actually flavorful with a crunch.

Salad Stop’s Best Sellers

Some of their best sellers include their Hail Caesar salad wrap, an assortment of hardboiled egg, crispy and fresh romaine lettuce, with croutons, bacon bits and chicken in a perfectly rolled wrap for those looking for a healthier version of a burrito to go. Another best seller is their Go Geisha salad bowl which is packed with romaine lettuce, red and white cabbage, firm tofu, asparagus, carrots, soba noodles, edamame, snow peas, sweet corn, sesame seeds, and Japanese miso for a more Asian type of salad bowl.

Salad bowls and wraps are also customizable at Salad Stop, which gives customers the chance to make their own kind of salad by choosing a base, their greens, toppings, and dressing of choice. This is a more flexible way for customers to create something they actually want to eat and know what kind of blend works best for their palate.

Salad Stop is also transparent with where they get their produce from, having partnered with local farmers and market vendors to guarantee freshness and quality at all times. Salad bowls and wraps at Salad Stop range from PHP 250 to PHP 390 depending on how packed you like your salad.

Rest assured, for every lunch or dinner you choose to have Salad Stop at, puts you one foot away from living a healthier life. Stay true to your senses and try revamping your daily meals with greener pursuits at Salad Stop!

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