Where to Retire: 5 Great Philippine Places for Retirement

Know someone who’s looking for a good country or place to retire? The Philippines is an ideal country for all things concerning retiring! In terms of geography and accessibility—not to mention the high-spirit, friendly attitude of the Filipinos, unique and wonderful cultures and traditions—our country has many places to offer perfect for downtime and long-term residency.

I listed down below the 5 Best places in the country where you can find a new homeland to call.


Where to Retire: 5 Great Philippine Places for Retirement

Cebu provides anyone a good combination of urban and provincial life. Cebu has many accessible means of all-around everyday necessities and establishments retirees can find pleasantly convenient.

I have made many college friends who came from Cebu and the way they describe the city itself makes me recommend this to anyone who likes to settle down. Cebu is known for being the queen city of the south, with its increasing growth through time. My friends usually boast about the city’s Metro Cebu where they say you can find the best schools and universities, medical clinics and hospitals, parks and café hubs. I like to go there someday, and experience Cebu’s beauty as it is indeed Philippine’s one old great provinces for its great authenticity, culture, and heritage.


Where to Retire: 5 Great Philippine Places for Retirement

Pagsanjan, Laguna

Laguna is another perfect spot any retirees would love.  Laguna has recently opened a retirement-oriented program that sure could provide all the basic things your Parents or Grandparents would appreciate. It is also a progressing town in the best part of NCR (National Capital Region) that are a hotspot for new communities, condos, and retail businesses development.

Going to Laguna is easier, thanks to its South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) that can bring you to any of the place’s five towns and cities. I have been there too, many times over the years—and we sometimes choose to move along Laguna’s National Highway which is a good alternate road when it’s traffic or rush hour.


Where to Retire: 5 Great Philippine Places for Retirement

Another great place for retiring individuals, Tagaytay has many developing infrastructure and suburbs to offer that never disappoints—weatherly speaking.  It’s noted to be the coolest place in the Philippines with its average 24 °C (75 °F) daily temperature. If you came from a cold western or Asian country, you wouldn’t need to get rid of your jackets!

My friends told me that you can get there from Manila-NAIA (the airport) From Manila-NAIA, with only less than a one-hour drive its Aguinaldo Highway. The city has many numerous restaurants, resorts, and casinos that sure are worth sparing some time with. From what I have been told, Tagaytay has many outstanding sceneries which can give you relaxing and fulfilling nature adventures.


Where to Retire: 5 Great Philippine Places for Retirement

Davao City

The Mindanao’s largest city, Davao can be any retiree’s perfect place for long term settlement. It is considered the largest city in the country, with its wide acre of land and progressive economic development. It’s the Durian Capital of the Philippines! I have never been there, but most my friends are—and whenever school semesters are over they usually tell me they can’t wait to get home to Davao. Now I know why.

Davao has one of the most productive city there is in the country, with its accessible local trading services, commerce, and industry hubs. Davao is also described as one of the safest cities in the country with its firm security and safety policies. But a recent situation has occurred there in the early months of 2017, specifically in Marawi City where a terrorist crisis happened. As of today, the city is under Martial Law, as implemented by our President Rodrigo Duterte—to keep everyone residing there safe. It’s still a good place to settle, hopefully, once the siege comes to an end—which we all hope for.


Where to Retire: 5 Great Philippine Places for Retirement

Manila Philippines

Manila is the heart of Philippines, where most multi-million businesses, living comforts, and exciting day-to-day society actions occurs. It has been, and still a magnet city, an ideal place for retiring individuals to start new settlement or corporate investments.  I live here in Manila for all my life, and I recommend this place for settling down.

Another advantage of settling down in Manila is its transportability, enabling you to easily walk or travel around the area. The Philippines’ famous airport, NAIA is situated in Manila and it only takes anyone a 40 minute to one-hour taxi drive from the airport—If you choose to stay around Makati or Metro Manila itself.  The city also has certain LRT (Light Railway Transit) and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) which saves you a huge amount of time from the city’s constant traffic.

Cebu, Tagaytay, Davao, Laguna, and Manila—these are just the most ideal “new” home for you to start up with. Retiring is a difficult decision to make, and choosing an appropriate place to settle to takes a lot of consideration as well. Choose right, choose any of these amazing places. I suggest you choose our country. The Philippines is waiting for you!

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