Practo Healthcare App for Locals and Expats Alike

Healthcare in the Philippines has a lot to improve on in terms of coverage, services, and doctor-patient relations. With many big companies covering healthcare for employees and small businesses venturing into finding proper healthcare insurances, there is a varying opinion in terms of the quality of service locals are getting from the Philippine health care system.

It’s important to consider that the Philippines are a developing nation and a third world country finding its own footing in the modernized world. The ability for locals and expats or even travelers and tourists who are visiting the country have different experiences in getting access to proper medical assistance. Many Filipinos don’t have the right access to medicine and hospital care which often depicts the reality that Filipinos often pay for their own treatments and are often cheated by the system.

Getting access to proper health care and connecting with the right medical practitioners and professionals to help get proper treatment is now possible via the Practo app. Locals are able to find the right doctors and practitioners in just a tap of a finger, allowing users to find which hospitals and clinics they prefer to go to. Other specific preferences are also filtered options for the app’s users which many locals who wish to get treated without waiting in long hospital lines are able to access.

Ease and PRACTOcality

The Practo app can be downloaded from the app store for iOS users or the play store for Android users. It has a clear and easy interface to navigate which caters to older people who wish to get their proper healthcare needs through the app. It essentially connects patients and doctors within a city and allows the users to book appointments in an instant. Aside from standard physicians for checkups, patients can also use the app to find doctors who specialize in dental care, skin care, mental health, critical care medicine, integrated medicine, naturopathy, speech therapy, surgical oncology, and 250 other specialties according to Indiana Express.

The Practo app also enabled users to track their appointments easily and also change their arrangements with the reschedule and cancel appointment options. Practo leads with legitimacy and safety between patients and doctors or clinicians through an extensive vetting process with various verification, filtering methods that give users hundreds of options to consider when browsing through doctors and practitioners.

Serving Patients Everywhere

Practo was founded in India and serves cities across the world including Singapore and Manila most recently. The Practo website is also another platform users can visit in terms of finding more useful content on medical treatments and procedures. The Practo app also has a chat option that allows users to chat with doctors online right before committing to an appointment booking, making sure that their needs are all met and covered right before sealing the deal.

Practo also has a blog that covers various tips, news, trends, and other relevant content on the health care industry and the medical profession in general. The best thing about Practo is their top deals and offers for those who are new users and frequent users who wish to book appointments with medical professionals. Health checkups, a sample collection of diagnostic tests, 20% off on prescription drugs among many other perks which not many locals or patients are entitled to in a regular systemic hospital in the Philippines.

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