Plant Lovers Unite: 3 Instagram Stores Selling House Plants to Check Out

Plants have always been representative of bringing life to space. Having some green in various spaces from offices, bedrooms, to living rooms and small cafes livens up space and brings a lighter mood to a person’s visual. Apps like Pinterest has popularized design trends with minimalism and encourages people to make use of a simple white space by adding wall art and plants as aesthetically pleasing accessories to an architectural blank canvass.

The social media business venture in Manila has reached a pop culture boom and has many social media users capitalizing off Facebook Market, and Instagram Business as a platform to buy and sell to several niche markets. As the plant aesthetic and design trend continue to foster in the city, more and more urban residents are growing fond of the light touches a plant can do to a home or space.

Instagram accounts selling plants have become quite a popular business amongst many young people. Making a trip to get a plant or even growing a plant isn’t the first option millennials will root for now with instant deliveries through couriers like Lalamove and Grab Express that these Instagram businesses make use of. Below is some Instagram plant-sellers people looking to revamp their space can look into for ideas.

Plant Sellers to Find on Instagram

Plant Parenthood

Plant Parenthood has been a crowd favorite account to order plants from online. With 19,900 followers on Instagram, the small business is based in Manila but has no brick and mortar store. The online store sells a variety of house plants and plant accessories like pots, baskets, and stands.

Payment options are done through bank deposits and don’t accept cash on delivery for security reasons and in order to bring less inconvenience to the couriers, they work with. Many small businesses and pop-ups have featured the plant shop on their sites, some of which include Hitch Pro Philippines and Caferista. The couriers Plant Parenthood partner with includes Transportify and Lalamove which makes direct transactions and deliveries so much more hassle-free for both the seller and the buyers.

Plants Manila

Another small online selling plants on Instagram is Plants Manila, with 12,400 followers on Instagram, the account is one the Filipino millennial’s go-to store for cool and calming plants for condo spaces. The online store delivers to various places in Metro Manila and sells handpicked house plants on hand, as well as accessories like pots, planters, and also does indoor plants styling and landscaping for those renovating and redecorating spaces and homes.

City Plants PH

The last but certainly not the least is City Plants PH with 10,600 followers on Instagram. The small business up and running on Instagram sells low-maintenance plants for condos and houses. City Plants PH delivers via Lalamove and Grab Express, they also do pickups at the Color Bar PH in Rizal Drive, Forbes Town in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Some stores have featured their plants for displays like Muji in SM Mall of Asia and Toms in SM Megamall. City Plant PH sells a variety of indoor plants that add a pop of color in the typical white condo space most urban residents in Manila tend to inhabit.

More Than Meets the Eye

Plants are gentle sources of life and light, which have become a great selling tool for many young Filipinos choosing to stay in more than go out. Creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing space at home or at work can be a tedious task but remembering a few final touches by adding house plants or small embellishments can truly be less of a burden when you online shop at these pro-plant parenthood stores.

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