Pitchpine Tagaytay: The Family Getaway for the Holiday Buzz

It has been established that family time is core in ever Filipino. Valuing our parents, siblings, cousins, and relatives is a trait that gets fuels the Filipino family. Togetherness and loyalty strengthens the bond and integrates the importance of solidarity, especially during tough times like loss, death, and suffering among other tribulations. There’s always strength and love in the Filipino family, something that brings forth the necessity to sustain good relations among each other.

This is best achieved by spending quality time together, finding peace and comfort in the presence of family is a feeling like no other. Doing this may be hard especially if you come from rather big Filipino families. Clans of families during holidays make taking a vacation seem rather a drag than an actual getaway from the business of life. However, there are still places and activities that cater to such intimidating groups of people. Getting away from the city with your big family doesn’t have to be rocket science or anything, with a superb vacation rental that’s all about “staycations”, your elder relatives won’t have to fret.

Pitchpine Tagaytay

If you have a get together in mind for your next family vacation, a nearby place to check out is Pitchpine in Tagaytay City, just an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. They are located at Diokno Highway, Lian, Batangas and can house up to 20 people, with several suitable packages depending on guests’ preferences. Pitchpine is a lovely abode away from home with a Scandinavian country-style vacation home that has 5 superb bedrooms, a huge living space to chill host late night gatherings, and a 10 seater dining room table, with a 8 seater Tepanyaki table on the side for those who wants to host a private house chef.

The whole house is beautifully designed, well thought out spatially, and boasts quite the architectural touches for those with quite the expensive taste. Pitchpine is not short of its amenities with an outdoor lounge deck and a pool enough to host a pool party on a lazy day inside. The place is secluded so blasting music and singing along with your loved ones is no problem at all. Pitchpine Tagaytay’s rates start Php20, 000 a night for 15 people from Monday to Thursdays, and Php 22,000 a night for 15 people during the weekends, Fridays to Sundays.

It’s important to note that more than 15 guests will be asked to pay an additional rate of Php1,000 per head. Pitchpine Tagaytay is a sure getaway from the metropolis, one that gives families and groups of friends the time to bond, be in solidarity together, and just relax. Making time to be with the people we love doesn’t have to be such a burden from one’s schedule, because Pitchpine Tagaytay is open 7 days a week. What are you waiting for? Book your next Holy Week vacation at Pitchpine today!

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