Philippines’ National Sport Basketball

Basketball is a sport renowned and loved by many people all over the world. The world has known basketball legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquill O’Neal, and many more NBA players one can think of. It’s not just on the Western side of the world where people are addicted to the sport, in other parts of the world like in Asia, basketball is also well-beloved.

In the Philippines, the Philippines Basketball Association (PBA) has dominated the local sports scene. Many Filipinos enjoy the love of the ball game, from avid fans who attend several stadiums to those on the actual court playing the game. Indeed, basketball is an American past time that was carried over to the Filipino way of life post-colonization.

As far as 1898, the Americans introduced the sport as a means to revise the Philippines school system. According to The Culture Tip, fifteen years after the sport was introduced, the Philippines managed to win gold in the 1913 Far Eastern Games.

America’s Best Left Gold Mine: Basketball

In 1938, the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) was created for varsity league games among students who wanted to compete on a university league. 81 years later, the rest of the country is still pretty much well invested in college basketball games.

What makes the sport easily attractive is the accessibility and low maintenance rules that are entailed. Young Filipino kids begin playing basketball in the streets in the Philippines, all you need is a ball and a hoop, which more often than not, Pinoys manage to set up near a lamp post in the middle of the road as cars continue to drive through.

A Sport for Every Juan

Basketball requires very little space, no maintenance, zero expensive gear, and no limit in players during a social game, according to the Culture Tip. It’s a sport that anyone from the ground below to the ground up can play in the country, it’s mostly a popular sport in the slum areas where poverty-stricken kids and people are forced to create entertainment for themselves.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t make the sport look “cheap”, but rather a sport that truly brings people together, simulate a group dynamic, and improve harmonic athleticism on and off the court. In the Philippines, you don’t have to be a pro basketball player like Kobe Bryant to be noticed by everyone, people can play anytime and anywhere, given their love of the game and how strong it is for a ball sport.


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