Philippine Red Cross: Donating Blood in the Philippines

Philippine Red Cross  six major services: National Blood Services, Disaster Management Services, Safety Services, Health Services, Welfare Services and Red Cross Youth. Traveling the Philippines isn’t always done for leisure; other times traveling is mainly for work or mainly just to get to places. Most of the time it is not even luxurious, or what people tend to romanticize. Traveling for the sake of immersion with social services or for missions abroad are probable cases as well. For travelers, tourists, foreign visitors, and expats who are moderately new to the Philippines and have been staying in the country for a while, who want to do something more fulfilling than the usual exploring, there is a lot of social involvement to get into like donating blood.

Philippine Red Cross

Blood donation in the Philippines is widely supported by many locals, with the Philippine Red Cross actively embarking on expanding their missions, the opportunity to help others is not far off. As one of the major suppliers of blood in the Philippines, the Philippines Red Cross-National Blood Services have 4 main branches people can visit for volunteering and donation itself.

  • National Blood Service

9th floor, 37 EDSA corner Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City

(02) 790 2300

  • Office of the Quality Assurance Manager, National Blood Service

Philippine Red Cross, Victoria Street, Port Area, Manila

(02) 790 2300

  • Philippine Red Cross-East Rizal Branch

Taytay Rizal

(063) 661 2138

  • Philippine Red Cross Rizal Chapter

Pasig City

(02) 470 9611

Why Donate Blood?

Most people assume that donating blood will only benefit the one actually receiving the blood, but what most people don’t know is that it is actually healthy for the donor as well. Donating blood can improve your overall cardiovascular health and increase quality of life, as well as lessen your chances to get cancer or develop a heart disease. It not only cleanses your blood and rejuvenates the body, but also burns around 650 calories.

Philippine Red Cross

Aside from the health improvements stated, donors are also able to get a free checkup and health screening. Due to the intricacies entailed in blood donation, blood tests, blood pressure, STD checkups among others will be provided to the donor. This does not only save you money, but also gives you an opportunity to reevaluate your health choices. Plus, being a donor actually gives you the benefit of being prioritized when you will need blood in the future.

The First Time I Donated Blood

Philippine Red CrossMy first experience in blood donation took place in my high school in Assumption College, Makati City where a faculty member was diagnosed with a rare disease that entailed and motivated the whole Assumption community to contribute and help. Assumption College was able to partner up with Philippine Red Cross and in no more than one week, PRC booths in the school’s gym were set up and ready to take donations. The process itself was quite daunting to me at first because of the tests that I had to go through before actually being able to give blood. Although, with trained medical professionals walking me through every step of the process, I was able to successfully donate blood under suitable circumstances.

The after effect of donating blood was quite unusual for me because I was often light headed and developed small bruises from the dextrose insertion. According to my friends who are constant blood donors, it is usually considered normal to feel that way especially if it’s your first time. Aside from that, my health was pretty much normal based on the free health screening and checkup I was able to get for free prior to being drawn blood. The experience in itself was fine and done safely, but what really got to me was the rewarding feeling of helping someone in drastic need.

What can the Philippine Red Cross do for me? 

For travelers who are itching to make a difference and grab the chance to offer some help while in the Philippines. The PRC holds several social services which aim to provide donors and beneficiaries with safe and quality blood where you can do your generous part and contribute by donating. The PRC oversees the logistics of donor recruitment to meet the escalating demand for blood from different patients across the country. They also ensure that donors are well informed regarding such by conducting educational lectures, as well as recruitment sessions for people willing to make time and donate blood for a worthy cause.

Besides these efforts to educate people regarding the need for blood in the country, PRC also makes an initiative to go around different cities, communities, companies, organizations, colleges, and universities nationwide to garner attention and volunteerism among the people. Most colleges and universities partner with PRC to get many students to forward their cause by collecting blood from students.

Aside from blood collection, donor recruitment, and blood testing, other blood services that PRC provides its donors include blood component processing wherein donated blood are separated into different components through special equipment to sort through red blood cells, plasma and platelets. There is also blood storage and issuance wherein people who need blood right away may be prioritized by presenting blood request form issued by the hospital or physician in charge.

If you are planning to donate blood while in the Philippines, remember to keep the following in mind:

Philippine Red Cross

Philippine Red Cross

For more information, visit their website regarding queries on how to donate blood.

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