Philippines vs. Indonesia: How the Philippines Conquered KL2017

The South East Asian (SEA) Games launched its festivities last August 19 to 30, 2017. This year’s SEA Games were hosted by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after 16 years. Kuala Lumpur 2017’s (KL2017) basketball games took place in MABA Stadium. Nine national teams participated including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos for the first time.

Philippine Basketball Team Dominates at the 2017 SEA Games

PhilsSEAGames2It’s safe to say that everyone kept a close eye on basketball, where the Philippines bagged the championship title with quite the strategic play at KL2017. Bagging the gold, the Philippine team won against Indonesia last August 26, 2017 with a final score of 94-55. Indeed, the ball is definitely in the Philippine team’s court now.

The final game totaled 50 rebounds, 24 assists, 4 steals, and 13 turnovers from team Philippines.  Indonesia accumulated 36 rebounds, 9 assists, 6 steals, and 13 equal turnovers. The lead scorers were Mike Tolomia earning 20 points for the champion team, along with Diftha Pratama and Sandy Kurniawan scoring an even 10 each.

Final Highlights: Philippines vs. Indonesia (94-55)


The Philippine basketball team continues to give an impeccable performance during the qualifying round against Thailand last August 20, 2017. The Thai team swept the game with 50 rebounds, 19 assists, 11 steals and 23 turnovers in total. The Philippines bagged 42 rebounds, 19 assists, 12 steals and 12 turnovers in total. Players from the Philippine team like Jeth Rosario led the game with an outstanding play garnering 16 points throughout the game. Thailand’s leading player of the game was Tyler Lamb scoring a solid 17 for the Thai team.

Preliminary Round: Philippines vs. Thailand (81-74)


In their second qualifying game against Myanmar last August 22, 2017, the Philippines won with a whopping 129 points total over Myanmar who scored 34 points. The Philippine team led with 51 rebounds, 21 assists, 23 steals, and 15 turnovers. Myanmar scored 29 rebounds, 6 assists, 7 steals, and 41 turnovers. Promising players leading the game include Raymar Jose with 22 points from the Philippines and Sai Kyaw of Thailand scoring 12 points total.

Preliminary Round: Philippines vs. Myanmar (129-34)


Last August 23, 2017 the Philippines won over Malaysia scoring 98 points and Malaysia with 68 in the prelims. 53 rebounds, 11 assists, 10 steals, and 19 turnovers was the grand slam of the Philippine team. The Malaysian team scored 31 rebounds, 10 assists, 6 steals, and 17 turnovers overall. Impressive ball play was brought to you buy Carl Standhardinger with 14 points from Team Philippines and 18 points from Tian Kuek for the Malaysian team.

Preliminary Round: Philippines vs. Malaysia (98-68)


The Philippine basketball team owned the MABA stadium with a total score of 68 over 60 in the semi-final round agianst Singapore last August 25, 2017. The SEA Games’ powerhouse dominated at the semi-finals accumulating 43 total rebounds, 10 assists, 9 steals, and 13 turnovers. Singapore showed a promising performance with 35 total rebounds, 7 assists, 4 steals, and 17 turnovers total. Leading scorers from the Philippines and Singapore which accumulated an equal total of 14 points per team included Jeth Rosario and Russel Low.

Semi-final Round: Philippines vs. Singapore (68-60)


Sportsmanship Done the ASEAN Way

The Philippine team continues to sweep the nation with consistent playing performance and strategic moves. Efficiency, determination and tenacity as embodied in every player in the SEA Games are what makes of true sportsmanship. Intense and carefully maneuvered techniques were executed by players, coaches and other sports professionals alike. KL2017 or the SEA Games 2017 was definitely a success overall. Promoting athleticism and professional sportsmanship the ASEAN way was achieved by way of highly anticipated games that continue to challenge and improve the skills of the best athletes around South East Asia with no other than competetive spirits and integrity.

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