PhilHealth is now open for Foreigners

PhilHealth is now open for Foreigners

Upon your stay here in the Philippines, you will most likely get in touch with health care programs you wish to avail. One of the Philippines’ prominent insurance company is Phil Health.

What is PhilHealth?

PhilHealth is for everybody, for every Filipino from all walks of life. Employed, unemployed, healthy or sick—every Filipino is advised to have a membership. Even younger ones are advised to be a member—only it’s the parent’s responsibility to add them as their dependents. PhilHealth’s goal was to provide every Filipinos affordable medical benefits, creating less hassle in dealing with hospital bills and treatment payments. And recently, fortunately—PhilHealth has expanded its convenient coverage for foreign retirees.

PhilHealth is now open for Foreigners

Last May 21, 2015, PhilHealth released a statement saying that they will provide health care benefits for foreign retirees and settlers in the country. As of July 1, 2017, the said coverage is effective and can cover 50% of your hospital bills for a fair monthly contribution. As a foreigner for who value health care and medical importance—isn’t’ that amazing?

How Can I be a PhilHealth Member?

Sure, it is amazing—but to avail such benefits, you should need first to be a member of PhilHealth. If you wish to live in the Philippines soon and would like to be a member of PhilHealth, then you would need to provide the following:

  • PMRF (PhilHealth Member Registration Form) – This form can be searched and downloaded online—for free. Fill out this form with all your necessary information. If you registered online, you will have to wait for an email confirmation to know if your registration was successful. Print your form and keep a copy when you like to continue the process in a nearby PhilHealth office near where you reside.

PhilHealth is now open for Foreigners

  • Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) – if you are a retiree, it’s a good alternative proof of identity.
  • Photocopy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) that is legally issued by the Bureau of Immigration. This would support your legal stay here in the Philippines.

PhilHealth is now open for Foreigners

Of course, you would need to present any valid ID’s and you may be required to submit 2×2 or 1×1 pictures upon process for verification.

After registering as a member, you are advised to keep your PhilHealth number, for it will be used always of medical situations. You can also register your dependents, so they could also avail this PhilHealth coverage through your PhilHealth number. Make sure that you attach copies of legal documents that confirm your relationship with them.

How much would PhilHealth’s contribution would cost me annually?

The basic annual premium contribution for Filipinos is P15,000.00, while it costs 17,000.00 for foreign settlers and citizens. You can decide whether you’ll like to contribute in a quarterly, semi-annually or annual contribution process.

PhilHealth is now open for Foreigners

Should you want to avail PhilHealth Benefits, every hospital and health provider in the country has a PhilHealth portal in which you can present any government ID.  For foreigners, upon registering as a member with PhilHealth, you are advised to get an ID for medical purposes. Upon paying, you are advised to fill up the PhilHealth Claim form to be presented together with supporting documents the hospital may require.

I have been a member of PhilHealth for months now since I had my first job. Usually, the payroll department in my previous employer would process the contribution, and my PhilHealth contribution is indicated on my pay slip with deductions every pay day. It’s a great mean of saving up medical necessities whenever I or a member of my family needs to be hospitalized.

PhilHealth is now open for Foreigners

PhilHealth has helped millions of Filipinos to avail cheaper, affordable hospitalization. And the fact that it now also extends its helping benefits to foreign settlers makes their legacy better. “Health is Wealth”, as the saying goes—and PhilHealth pretty live up to the saying, helping Filipinos—and now foreigners—have an accessible means of medical benefits and assistance.

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