Pharmacies & Drugstores: Which suits your medicinal needs?

The growing need for Pharmacies & Drugstores, medicine and healthcare in assistance in a time where getting sick is more common, has become rampant and constantly increases in demand. People are always looking for cheaper medicine that is also easily accessible to their homes, hospitals and clinics, work places, and other convenient locations often frequented by many people.

Taking care of your body and ensuring your health is in good condition basically depends on your lifestyle, food you eat,  but time and again we prove to be utmost human due to the sicknesses we develop. Providing a remedy to illnesses is deemed even a luxury for many people in the Philippines. With the country’s poor population increasing by the minute, the potential for more diseases and sicknesses being left untreated leads to much more serious disorders.

With the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry booming, the need for affordable medicine and medical utilities is consistently being met by the following local pharmacies that don’t only serve its customers with properly prescribed medication, but with other alternative services that most people will have to go to the hospital for to be able to access.

Pharmacies & Drugstores:

The Generics Pharmacy

Generics Pharmacy’s humble beginnings sprung from 1983, when the company got into wholesales of medicine at lower margins for people’s medicinal needs. In 2001, the company decided to venture into retail by starting one main branch in Quezon City, but also continues to serve customers as far as Batangas outside the metro. Throughout the years the Watsons grew in demand and with the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry booming, their service was extended towards several franchising attempts in 2007. They opened store locations in Pasay City, as well as in other locations in Metro Manila. Last 2012, Watsons was declared to be the biggest and most dominant drugstore chain in the Philippines. With a recent partnership that was officiated last 2016, with the Robinsons Retail group, it is no doubt the need for affordable medicine, as well as the health and beauty needs of the people.

Pharmacies & Drugstores

Pharmacies & Drugstores Pharmacies and Drugstores

Products and Services

Pharmacies & DrugstoresAffordable healthcare is definitely met in their 7th year in full operations in pharmaceutical retailing and franchising across the country, with over 1,958 branches opened nationwide. Their stellar service for providing cheap medicine to every local and even foreign travelers looking to score inexpensive medicine is in gradual recognition. The Generics Pharmacy offers a wide array of medicine from generic to, as well as skincare and health products. They also offer services like free medical and dental checkups, free blood pressure checks, and blood sugar checks. The venues of such checkups may vary depending on the branch of the location.

Mercury Drug

Pharmacies & Drugstores

Growing up with this pharmacy really hits close to home. Mercury Drug has always been my personal go to when it comes to my medicinal needs. It became a custom watching my mom go to a Mercury Drug every weekend when I was younger. Whether we were sick in need of medicine, or we needed to restock our bread pantry, we always made it a habit to make a pit stop to a branch. Mercury Drug has been around for many years now, with more than 1000 stores across the country, and over 12,000 employees on the job, it definitely is a trusted quality healthcare provider.

Mercury Drug’s establishment dates to March 1, 1945 where its first store in Bambang street in the old Manila opened. It became a growing healthcare service that many people relied on, eventually leading to an opening of a 24/7 branch in 1965, where their set up was in the Quiapo Plaza Miranda store. As the business continues to boom throughout the years, Mercury Drug copiously pursued their goal of expanding more quality healthcare and medicine for its customers. This growing pursuit led to the introduction and expansion of several services.

Products and Services

Suki Card

Pharmacies & Drugstores

Aside from a variety of medicine and over the counter drugs by prescription, Mercury Drug also launched their Suki Card which customers can avail of. This card is utmost practical because it not only serves as a rewards card, which you can load with points every time you purchase something from the store, it actually also serves as a credit card. This is due to the partnership with CitiCard which makes the Suki card, the first ever health credit card people can extensively use.

With the busy schedules people seem to constantly have, it can be difficult to make time and buy their healthcare and medicinal needs. With Mercury Drug continously upgrading their services for their customers, the Mercury Drug app and their Drive thru service are some of which buyers will be able to experience more frequently in the coming years.

Mercury Drug App

Pharmacies & Drugstores

This brand new innovation is something many people can definitely wherever and whenever since they are just a tap away from the quality healthcare service they need. The Mercury Drug store app is downloadable in the Apple Store and Google Play. It easily allows its users to tap on the services they are looking for, from where the nearest branch is from their location, to what their customer value cards have to offer.

 Drive Thru Service

Pharmacies & Drugstores

This being my favorite service of Mercury Drug, people who are always on the go or frequent travelers always rushing off to the airport are able to  make pitstops to Mercury Drug’s drive thru locations. Their first drive thru service opened in Binan City Southwoods Ecocentrum store in Laguna last 2014. It was in 2015 where they opened a second drive thru store in Makati City EDSA Danlig area where people are always roaming and cars are always passing by, making it much more accessible for those in vehicles or those in waiting.

Last 2016, more drive thru stores opened in the south, like in Las Pinas City Villar SIPAG totaling o three drive thru locations in the country. With the continuous progress and prosperous development Mercury Drug continues to acquire, it is no doubt that Mercury Drug store is here to stay, continuously serving the people and pushing boundaries to make health services in the Philippines accessible and easily available to all.

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