Pasig Regularizes 100 City Government Employees Amid COVID-19

With everything that is happening in the country and in the whole world, the City of Pasig shared some good news (and good vibes) for everyone, especially for its government workers.

Just as Mayor Vico Sotto promised during his electoral campaigns, Pasig City continues to sign the appointment papers for the regularization of the long-time contractual city government workers.

Right in time on his 31st birthday, Pasig City Mayor Sotto regularized 100 city hall employees on June 17 of 2020, Wednesday. Most of these employees have been on contractual status for more than 20 years. But as Mayor Sotto announced, they are hailed as permanent workers now. 

In his official Facebook post, Sotto said, “I am happy to announce: Wala nang naiwan na kontrakwal sa mga empleyado nating mahigit 20 years nang nasa serbisyo.” 

[Translation: I am happy to announce: No one was left behind among the contractual employees who served for 20 years in the Pasig City government.] 

He added that there are street sweepers, engineering aides, and more who just received their regularization all this time.

Pasig Regularizes 100 City Government Employees Amid COVID-19

By this means, Sotto completed the regularization for the Pasig government workers who served the city for 20 years or longer. And according to him, the next phase of this program would include the city government workers who have been in service for at least 15 years.

This employee regularization program entitles a full-fledged worker to have the security of tenure and complete benefits—as well as retirement benefits when reached the age of 60.

Before, the Pasig City government workers need to patronize the politicians sitting in the office. If not, they get threats that they cannot renew their job items. But with the new Mayor Sotto who ended the 27-year political dynasty in the city, that would not work. And that’s been why he proposed this beneficial program.

Sotto ensures that these hardworking employees do not have to worry about their contract renewals even when the administrations change. Albeit there is a COVID-19 crisis happening in the country, he implies that no one can stop him from doing his employee regularization program. 

Sotto’s regularization program for its long-term contractual city government employees does not just give peace of mind—but also a piece of relief to the people. Hence, it is one of his proactive ways to reform politics and governance in the city.

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