National Book Store: Every Filipino Student’s Best Buddy

National Bookstore has been, and remain still as the leading bookstore in the Philippines. Many people from different walks of life benefits from what the store gives, whether it’d be for school purposes, office equipment’s, and personal things.

If you are about to study in the Philippines soon—or planning to, ahead of time, you could start being a Filipino student at heart by knowing where most Filipino students run to buy necessary stuff that needed in your school. Here in National Bookstore, they provide the best solutions every student needs to have while studying.

What are the things you could buy from the store?


National Book Store: Every Filipino Student’s Best Buddy

Here you could find amazing books from your favorite author, and books that your Philippine school would require. Timely, the store drops down books prices within 20 – 50 % discount. It’s a good thing for book hoarders like me because I can save up a little penny for buying books that I’d like to read while collecting some in affordable prices.

You can find most common textbooks, novels, biographies; Philippine histories, and even books that talks of different field and specification. It’s a good venue where you can buy books to use as your references for future studies, as well as an advance reading of your subjects.


National Book Store: Every Filipino Student’s Best Buddy

National Bookstore offers the best pens in town. I have been an avid buyer of the store and their pens for years now, and never failed my likings when it comes to quality inked pens. They sell a wide variation of pens, in different ball pen points, thickness and thinness for different uses. If you would need a basic pen whenever taking notes occur in class (which is always), you can have the cheapest pen in the store. If you are going to make important documents to be signed or noted, you can also buy here a pen especially for that. Their most famous pen is the G-Tech, which only cost around 65 pesos each—but a good pen for all purposes. They will make your writing style good, and help you jot down better and clearer notes to read when reviewing—at times when exams in school occur.


National Book Store: Every Filipino Student’s Best Buddy
They also offer many cute notebooks, from hard bounds to soft bounds. You can avail a basic notebook for only 12-13 Filipino pesos. I, as a writer myself, always benefit from their varied notebook selection. I always buy for softbound types such as Sterling, Corona, and Blue Feather. These notebooks have different GSM (the weight and texture of each page in a notebook), and you can choose which types suits you the most.

…and apparently, almost everything.

National Book Store: Every Filipino Student’s Best Buddy

You can always find here some essential things in studying, such as desk lamp, office chairs, and tools, manila paper, push pins, marker, Stabilo, highlighters, tapes, and fastener. National Bookstore also offers painting tool, such as stands, cloth for painting canvasses, brushes, pigments, acrylic and different stuff for creating artworks and assignments in art classes. They also have products that are good for daily use, such as tumblers and lunchboxes.

National Book Store: Every Filipino Student’s Best Buddy
In need to buy purses, bags, and wallets but don’t have time to drop by at malls? National Book Store also offers these products! They have collections of bags and other daily stuff you could buy at reasonable prices. Some of National Book Store branches are within public streets, or next to schools, and some are in the malls–so it’s a convenient store to run to whenever there is a need to buy what is needed for school. They also accept debit cards upon payment, if you had run out of cash.

Added Perks

National Book Store: Every Filipino Student’s Best Buddy
The National Bookstore offers an NBS card, in which you can avail at only P100 at any counter. As a student, you are already discounted with only P60 charge—just present your valid School ID upon acquiring. It’s a card that earns you purchasing points every time you buy. You just have to present it to the cashier upon paying for something that you bought, and every point you make from will be converted into points, so you will have a discount over any product the next time you buy from the store.

You can also have a Membership fee if you buy from the store for 12 months already and can present accumulated receipts worth of 5, 0000 purchases from that last 12 months.

What time does National Book Store opens and closes?

National Book Store: Every Filipino Student’s Best Buddy
The National Bookstore usually opens at Nine AM and closes at 8:30 PM. However, in certain circumstances, they provide thirty minutes more at night for office individuals (like myself) to quickly buy what they needed, when they can’t during office hours.

A Filipino Book Store yesterday—until today.

National Book Store is our beloved bookstore for centuries now. They have many branches all around Manila and Philippines, so you can always go to any of their branches near you or your school. Filipinos have trusted National Book Store ever since 1975, and they are also sure to welcome and assist foreign students like you!

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