My Kapitolyo Food Scene: Where to Eat in Pasig City

Being a homebody who thrives in the confines of her own home and neighborhood, makes it a definite plus to live somewhere that offers convenience and a variety of places to not only explore, but to whole-heartedly experience. A city that every traveler or visiting local should explore is Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

With the many up and coming restaurants, food truck fairs, and eat streets, it is no doubt difficult to figure out where to start exploring. Every tourist, traveler and foodie can relate to the complexity of having to know which suggestions to follow and where to start navigating their way into the local food scene. The best thing about Kapitolyo is that every corner is inhabited by a stall or restaurant that has something yet to offer. From local Filipino Flavors like Cafe Juanita to fusion Chinese food like Red Panda, all have their best foot forward for every tourist to embrace and dive in.

For 21 PHP anyone can take the tricycle to go around Kapitolyo to get from one restaurant to another. Since most of them are found uphill, it may also be a challenge for the explorer, but is also considered a good way to see what the whole block has to offer. The following are a couple of suggestions for anyone looking to make a day out of exploring Kapitolyo.

The Fusion Flavor of Locavore

Where: 10 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

When: Sunday-Thursday (11:30 AM – 1:00 AM); Friday-Saturday (11:30 AM – 2:00 AM)

restaurants & cafe

Filipino food is always comfort food, and one place that remains loyal to that testament is the hidden gem Locavore Kitchen and Drinks. Locavore is located in the Brixton Technology Center in Kapitolyo which nails the fusion-like Filipino cuisine, while elevating every traveler and tourist’s dining experience to a higher level. A must try is their Ginataang Kalabasa which oozes in your mouth once the melted squash and butter blend with the tenderness of the porkchops, creating a scintillating explosion of flavor in your mouth. Having been to this restaurant for a couple of times now since my sister introduced it to our family, the Ginataang Kalabasa became quite my go-to order. I would say it’s best eaten with a cup of steamed white rice, because that’s what truly makes the meal full and hearty.

Aside from this, my parents became quite avid fans of their Pancit luglog. The usual pancit luglog that most people enjoy are the ones with many fillings from the egg to the shrimp, quantity makes the quality indeed. It wasn’t until we tried Locavore’s version of the pancit luglog, where the sauce in itself was rich with flavor and thick in consistency, which makes eating the noodles smothered with the shrimp sauce alone quite the treat already. Visitors who are going for wild flavors are sure to indulge in this kind of dining experience and will be able to appreciate a new twist to classic Filipino food.

A Caffeine Kick from Epic

Where: 7th East Building, 102 East Capitol Drive Corner Santa Rosa Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

When: Sunday – Saturday (8:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

restaurants & cafe   restaurants & cafe“But first coffee” right? Another go-to has to be Epic Coffee and Roastery located in heart of Kapitolyo with their big yellow sign making it easily identifiable by travelers and visitors. A quaint, yet rustic cafe that serves a killer caramel macchiato, is quite an understatement for the place. Epic embodies its own brand with its all-day breakfast, while dominating the dessert game with their best seller, the Belgian chocolate cake.

Being a writer who was quite active in the freelance writing scene, I must admit I have frequented Epic a whole lot in the last year alone. With no regrets, spending money on caffeine and cake on almost a regular basis has been quite a treat for me. Their pour over coffee is best alone in itself especially if you need quite a kick in the early morning to get work done. I remember actually staying their from 8 AM to 2 PM once just to meet a deadline for all my work prompting me to order breakfast and lunch altogether. After hours of non-stop writing, their pork ribs was the perfect order to satisfy my insane hunger pangs. The ribs were meaty and had just the right amount of sauce smothered all over the ribs. .  

restaurants & cafe

Epic is also a great place get some work done or to hang out in with some friends for its neo-rustic interiors and subtle ambiance. It is also near the residential area of Kapitolyo making it a frequent nook for villagers to come and visit. Epic is also known for their great service men and staff who serve each customer with a smile and a purpose; always a treat for tourists and travelers who look forward to meeting locals. Because of many locals and residents such as myself who often spend time in Epic, baristas and staff won’t hesitate remembering orders and even offering a complimentary cake on some days. It truly is the quiant little cafe people like myself can call my second home.

Reminisce with Blackwood Nights

Where:  Kapitolyo The Hub, Greenfield District, Shaw Blvd, EDSA Central Avenue, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

When: Monday – Thursday (11:00 AM – 1:00 AM); Friday (11:00 AM – 2 AM); Saturday (4:00 PM – 1 AM) and Sunday (4:00 PM – 12:00 AM)

restaurants & cafe restaurants & cafe

An all around favorite has to be Blackwood Bar and Grill, located in the Hub, Greenfield District. A place that inherently takes any oldie back and gets any millennial grooving. With its nightly disco sessions, complete with a DJ and several original music videos from the 70s to the 90s showing all over their big screen, Blackwood is here to stay.

The last I’ve been to Blackwood definitely stuck. Having a late dinner for my dad’s birthday with several cousins, aunts and uncles who were hardcore 70s music fans was quite remarkable thanks to Blackwood. The place becomes a competing bar go-to when it hits 9:00 PM because thats when the DJ starts to spin old mixes and sounds from the mighty music era of the 70s. People were also quite keen on requesting songs that were quite hard to find music videos for but immediately holds celebration and rejoice once the DJ puts it on the screen.

For anyone planning to visit the restobar, the bacon and truffle mushroom pizza is a sure win for your tastebuds. Having celebrated quite a few birthdays of relatives at the place, ordering several rounds of drinks with this pizza is one decision we do not regret. What makes their pizza unique is their paper thin pastry flour crust, making every bite delectable as it can get. Blackwood also serves a variety of drinks with a full bar available and outdoor seating, accompanied by their very own Wi-fi for customers to make use of. It’s definitely something tourists and people who wants to travel Philippines are after a low-key night out can appreciate. 

Kapitolyo FTW!

Loving the locality of my city is made easier because of the food and the people. Pasig is an underrated city that thrives for being versatile when it comes to their booming food scene, as well as other blossoming hangout spots for those after something new, without having to go the extra mile. For anyone visiting the north, whether a local or a tourist, having a hearty appetite and constantly craving for experience is what makes a great Pasig-enyo and is what the city of Pasig loves to welcome.

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