Mayor of Manila Orders Free Neutering for Stray Animals

In a cramped, busy and populated city like Manila, loitering animals have become a common and immediate sighting. Stray cats and dogs are everywhere in Manila and finding proper shelters and care for them hasn’t always been effective, despite certain regulations and organizations finding ways to keep them off the streets. With newly elected officials, like Mayor Isko Moreno of Manila, the effort to continuously find ways to care for stray animals are headed towards the right direction.

Mayor Moreno has always been a fierce advocate for animals and has plans in finding solutions to the proliferation of stray cats and dogs in the city of Manila. In fact, just last July, the 44-year-old mayor took the time to meet with animal rights advocates and organizations, alongside his meeting with famed canine “Kabang”, the “ambassador of dogwill” as people have come to know him. The stray dog lost his snout back in 2013 in a motorcycle accident in his attempt to save two children from the crash. Six years later, Kabang still doesn’t have a full face but remains to be an inspiring face of humane kindness and loyalty to mankind.

Kabang the “Ambassador of Dogwill”

Moreno himself brings forth his admiration for Kabang and expressed his love for dogs and swears that his term in local government will surely prioritize animal rights and their wellbeing. Moreno has drafted plans on free neutering for stray cats and dogs in the coming months.

This is one part of the plan to control the overpopulation of homeless animals on the streets of Manila, which further brings to light the importance of neutering pets and domesticated animals. Not only do they reduce the chances of females developing breast cancer or dangerous uterine infections, they also prevent males from developing prostate issues and testicular cancer.

As of now, there are no finer strands on the free neutering program by Moreno, but rest assured the city of Manila, along with animal rights organizations and advocates, will be taking steps slowly but surely, to make Manila a better place for our fellow felines and canines.

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