Manila’s Dog Sitting Service, The Dog Park is here for All Busy Owners

Owning pets and taking care of animals is a hard enough task in and of itself. It’s a major responsibility to care for pets if you’re a dog owner; the challenge becomes trickier over time. Being a young professional who is out of the house most of the day, being there for a dog is not the most convenient care option. For those who live an active lifestyle and don’t work in a standard 9 to 5 job, and spend most of their day in the outdoors, then maybe bringing your furry best friend is doable.

Pet Care in the Philippines

However, for busy bees whose profession is set in an office job on the daily, seeing and spending time with your dogs is usually just done at night. Going on vacations or holidays out of town or out of the country can also be a hassle because not every dog owner has a car or the means to bring their pet with them overseas. This is often a struggle since it’s not necessarily a culture and norm in the Philippines to ask others for help when it comes to taking care of their pets or their loved ones. Babysitting and pet-sitting is very uncommon in the urban and rural areas because Filipinos are often driven by independence and would rather do everything by themselves.

The Dog Park

Where: #30 F. Banaag Street, Barangay Pineda, Pasig City

When: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Sundays to Mondays

What: Lodging, Grooming, Veterinary Services, Day Care, Home Service

Who: Karen Vigo / Ruth Ofelia Carino (+63905-333-7921)

Social Media:

Facebook –

Twitter – @the_dogpark

Instagram – @the_dog_park

 Pet care is also not something people can afford and for those who make time to bring their furry friends to the right groomers, the right parks to walk them in can be a balancing act. There are not many places in the city as well who will do everything for pet owners, from veterinarians, groomers, to sitters and trainers. However, the first dog park in Manila is finally here for those itching to go to the beach on a weekend without abandoning their dogs at home.

The Dog Park also offers home services where they come to your home to groom your furry friends. Booking an appointment can be done online via their Facebook page, or via their mobile number. This superb service has been highly reviewed on Facebook, with satisfied customers commending The Dog Park for great accommodations and grooming, while making sure dogs are properly entertained and fed throughout their stay.

If you’re planning a weeklong vacation abroad and want someone well trained and trusted to look out for your furry friends, check out The Dog Park in Pasig City. Let people take your dogs into their hands and pamper yourselves while they sit back and run around a The Dog Park. Embrace self-care and dog care all at once! Book your appointment today!

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