Manila Night Life – Red Light District in Old Manila

By now, it’s become common knowledge that the metro has some of the most interesting places to spend time in. There’s a huge market for go-go bars and hostess bars which several ex-pats and foreign gentlemen spend quite a lot of time at. Just like other red-light districts in the urban city, namely, P. Burgos, and Angeles, old town Manila has some hubs for parties, strip clubs, hostess bars, KTV bars, and massage parlors for those raunchy folks up for something a little more daring in this part of the red-light district.

Old Manila City – Manila’s Red-Light District

In contrast to Makati’s P. Burgos’ and Fields Ave., where a strip of Go-Go Bars and KTV bars are all lined up in one street, Manila’s red-light district is a little more subtle as there are only two very popular and known bars that ex-pats and foreigners frequent, La Café and Universe. These two Go-Go bars and strip clubs are in Ermita, Manila and Pasay, Manila. Despite its distance and one-man go-to spot for nightcrawlers, entertainment is definitely worth the hype, drinks are affordable and of quality, girls are charming and available throughout your visit.

2 Most Visited Go-Go Bars in Manila City

LA Café

 1429 M. H. Del Pilar St, Ermita, Manila

More of a Sports Bar, LA Café is plagued by gentlemen, like ex-pats and foreign tourists looking to catch a game but also some company from girls on the side. LA Café is open 24/7 and is commonly not too crowded as it is more of a resto-bar than a club. Food is good with international and local breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner options throughout the day.

The interiors are decked with neon lights with two floors, a pool table, live band, and dancing on the ground floor. An entrance fee is charged worth Php 90, which is usually a beer for one of the girls you wish to buy a drink for. A lot of “freelancers” also roam these parts of Ermita, so if you’re an eager gentleman looking for something more than just dancing and drinks, then maybe run your luck at meeting some at LA Café.

Universe Naked Strip Club

#2374 F.B. Harrison Cor., Libertad Street, Pasay City, Metro Manila

Universe is probably the most famous place for live Las Vegas type strip shows. If you’re a keen explorer of raunchy and exotic entertainment, then pole dancing and striptease at Universe may be a great thing to try when in Pasay, Manila. When going to Universe, customers and guests should be cautious and desecrate as the area is usually hounded by suspicious local police.

Universe is also a place for those who are willing to spend as entrance fees start at Php 500. Drinks are also quite pricey with a beer at Php 180 to a Rum and Coke at Php 450. Lady drinks will cost you Php 750 but note that some girls can be excited and pushy causing you to rack up the price. Those who wish to take the girls home will have to pay Php 6,000 for a night with one of the girls. Indeed, Universe is more than just a strip tease and if you’re up for some wild fun, come with discretion and a deep pocket.

A Night of Risqué Behavior in Makati’s Finest Go-go Bars

Manila City is committed to giving its eager nightlife visitors a great nightlife experience. Some places like Universe and LA Cafe are popular among many tourists, foreigners, and ex-pats who care to unwind and enjoy the company of beautiful Filipinas. The nightlife in Manila is 24/7 where several people come in and out for some quality downtime. It is also convenient to explore the nightlife here since all the go-to places are just walking distance from each other. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the best of Ermita and Pasay when visiting the bustling and urban district of Metro Manila.

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