Mang Ca Knorr: Catering to the Filipino Appetite

Huge gatherings and festivities are not uncommon to Filipinos. Food will always be the one thing that brings Pinoys together, whether it’s on a dining table, a living room, or any open space with a buffet-style layout of food, Filipinos will come and find themselves together through food. Birthday parties and “Despedida” (going away parties) are huge in the Filipino culture. Families, friends, coworkers, and other large groups of people make it a point to celebrate one another’s successes and new beginnings.

This is usually done through a buffet style set up of dining or pot luck, where guests come and bring their own dishes to the event for everyone to enjoy. The most popular kind of culinary preparation in Filipino celebrations is catering, which many home cooks and amateur chefs enjoy to take part in a rather popular catering service in Manila is Mang Ca Knorr.

Mang Ca Knorr Catering Service

The all-time favorite Filipino foods people look for in parties and gatherings are served by Mang Ca Knorr. From kare-kare, sisig, lengua, to caldereta and adobo, every Manileno’s favorite catering service is one that offers groups affordable services starting at Php 5,300 to Php6,100 depending on the guests’ chosen package of meals. They offer a combination of chicken, beef, pork, fish, and rice dishes that every Pinoy and non-Pinoy will enjoy.

For those leaving the Philippines, Mang Ca Knorr is the perfect delicacy of food to bid the Philippines farewell to. Every bite will definitely make you remember the Filipino spirit through the most decadent Filipino flavors. It’s no doubt that Mang Ca Knorr is slowly making its way through various event circuits in the metro, their food offers a variety of flavor, with a huge sense of honesty in its cooking. The menu is also customizable depending on guest preferences, which also include non-Filipino dishes like meaty lasagna, baked mac, and seafood.

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