Makati Night Life – Red Light District in P. Burgos Makati City

When in the Philippines, it’s not lost on foreign travelers and tourists that the main hang out spots includes raunchy and risqué places like the red light district. The Philippines has quite a significant number of interesting and entertaining spots for a great nightlife experience. Makati City in Metro Manila alone is a hub for a bustling bar and club scene with a distinct area many tourists and ex-pats frequent, P. Burgos in Makati City.

P. Burgos, Makati City – Manila’s Red Light District

When you ask a local or an ex-pat living in the Philippines for a long time now, they will automatically say Padre Burgos Street is the place to go for a wild night out. Manila’s Go-go bar scene is a vast one with several bars lined up, boasting uniquely themed ones that offer great drinks, food, entertainment, performances, and convenience. Just like every other red-light district around the world, P. Burgos attracts attention for its bright neon lights, and keen girls gallivanting on the streets offering ex-pats and travelers an “experience” they will not forget.

Aside from the sexual innuendos and massage services, you will also encounter vendors on the street selling soft and hard drugs with rather little discretion, from Viagra, cocaine, weed, etc. If you’re a keen explorer and bold enough to step into a few of Manila’s rather risqué district, check out these hostess and go-go bars many ex-pats and tourists frequent when in P. Burgos.

Top 3 Most Frequented Go-go Bars in P. Burgos, Makati City


Where: Central Bus. Dist. 5012 P. Burgos St., Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Selling Points: private services, entertainment

This is one of Makati’s most visited hostess bars with topnotch adult entertainment for those who just want to have some “adult fun.” Bottoms Bar is frequented by many ex-pats and tourists who wish to see some skin and a bunch of sexy girls dancing topless to entice customers.

Drinks start at 400 PHP and can go all the way up to 3,900 PHP if you ask ladies to go home with you to your hotel. What makes Bottoms stand out is that it is a “blow job bar” in which customers can come ask ladies to take you to their semi-private booth. However, do note that not all ladies working at Bottoms performs this service, so discretion is advised.


Where:  4853 P. Burgos Corner Kalayaan Avenue, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines

Selling Points: Entertainment

Something a little more thematic and promising when it comes to local entertainment is Ringside. This dive bar is best known for lady boxing, lady oil wresting, midget dancing, and midget boxing among their top entertainment sequences. There are also ladies in bikinis going around serving drinks and offering other services upon discretion.

Customers enjoy this place its rather comfy interiors with lounge areas for customers to just enjoy their drinks in or in the small arena area where they get to see a live match in person. Guests can even come to referee a match between the “midgets” for a fee and some drinks which are rather affordable and quite the experience for travelers exploring Manila’s nightlife. Indeed, Ringside is a novelty, a must-see when gallivanting around P. Burgos.


Where: 5003 P Burgos, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines

Selling Points: Convenience, location, affordability

This bar is a classic strip bar but also a place many locals and tourists frequent for their drinks and their entertainment. Customers can scout around and see the ladies before buying them drinks or paying for time with them. Aside from the usual strippers and dancing girls in sexy outfits, Bourbon is also easy to find as it is the first few bars you will see in P. Burgos, the best part is that the entrance is free!

A Night of Risqué Behavior in Makati’s Finest Go-go Bars

Burgos Makati City is committed to giving its visitors a great nightlife experience. The place is popular among many tourists, foreigners, and ex-pats who care to unwind and enjoy the company of Filipinas. The nightlife in P. Burgos, Makati is 24/7 where several people come in and out for some quality downtime. It is also convenient to explore the nightlife here since all the go-to places are just walking distance from each other. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the best of P. Burgos nightlife when visiting the bustling and urban district of Metro Manila.

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