Jollibee: The Philippine’s Finest Fast Food Chain

Jollibee is really close to Filipinos heart and it’s hard to deny that finding the best food to eat when traveling the Philippines or to a new place can be quite the conundrum. Aside from tasting every local and native dish, immersing yourself in a country through the way locals live is usually the norm. Of course, locals don’t always enjoy eating the same food and preparing the same meals every day. When in the Philippines, don’t be surprised that every corner of the metro consists of authentic, classic and fusion Filipino themed restaurants, constantly enticing travelers to come dine in.

With so many options at your disposal, what is there to stop you from experiencing a top-notch Filipino dining experience? Filipino fast food could be one answer to that question though. There are various fast food chains in the Philippines and for those who just want a quick bite that’s also cheap and full of flavor, why not try the Philippines’ fast food favorite, Jollibee. Not only is it a crowd favorite but it is affordable in price and is sure to satisfy your taste buds, as well as your budget.

A Milestone for Every Pinoy’s Childhood


This should not be a surprise when visiting the Philippines. Jollibee being a competing global brand that has changed the locals taste over McDonald’s has been around for several years now. Growing up in the city of Manila, Jollibee was a prize to win and something to work towards at school. It is one place that truly reminiscent of my childhood and of family gatherings. Jollibee kids’ birthday parties were constant events to go to since they were known to host quite the birthday parties and events for kids, adults and the like.

Giving Back the Jollibee Way

Jollibee JollibeeThey even offered special party packages where they not only cater the food to your house, they also bring mascots for entertainment with song and dance numbers. Aside from that, Jollibee also made sure to find ways to give back to those kids who couldn’t afford birthday parties and celebrations at their restaurants, thus the Jollibee toy donation promos for Christmas known as the Maaga ang Pasko (Christmas is Early) project and the Jollibee Group Foundation Scholarship Programs.

JollibeeJollibee: The Multinational Brand Today

A multinational corporation, a newly globalized brand, and a Filipino favorite are some accurate descriptions of what Jollibee is to the masses and to their loyal customers. Jollibee is a popular fast food chain in the Philippines that started out as an ice cream parlor by Tony Tan and his family. Emerging into a global fast food chain with its signature Chicken Joy and Yumburger to be experienced by anyone beyond Asia makes Jollibee part of the Filipino way of life, in the Philippines and beyond.

Jollibee is not only a thriving business nationwide, but has also managed to establish quite the number of branches worldwide. From, several stores in 11 states of the US, to Qatar, UAE and Bahrain, as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and Brunei, it is no doubt a multinational establishment that people in every corner of the world are bound to enjoy, either here in the Philippines when they visit or in their respective hometowns.

Products and Services

Jollibee Jollibee Jollibee

Jollibee offers its customers with the best quality Chicken Joy, crispy on the outside with their signature batter and juicy on the inside with every bite. The same goes with other signature products under their belt, like their Jollibee Spaghetti with the Filipino style of making spaghetti, with sweet tomato sauce topped with cheese.

There is also their infamous Yumburger and Jolly Champ which are packed with flavor and best eaten with Jollibee’s Jolly fries, creating quite the burger experience for every customer that enters the place, whether you are a regular or a traveler comparing it to McDonald’s, Jollibee’s doors are always open. Jollibee also serves breakfast favorites like their tuna pie and beef steak which is probably not the usual breakfast food common travelers would eat, but is something that gets many locals up and about on the way to work.

Getting your Jollibee experience is made easier with 24/7 branches across the country, 24/7 delivery, and online delivery services that anyone can use. Getting your orders are definitely targeted towards customer convenience and loyalty, embodying the Filipino roots of Jollibee as a whole.

Staying Relevant as a Humble Brand 

Jollibee Jollibee

Jollibee does not only thrive in the products that they offer their customers, but the manner in which they gain customer support. The creative marketing programs that they are locally known for, continue to sweep the nation with more followers, likes, subscribers and brand loyalty. They recently released a short series of commercials encapsulating their celebrated values of love and family, which are utmost evident to young and old viewers alike. Garnering social media attention and public regard for brand establishment, Jollibee definitely knows how to stay relevant among the Filipino people.

If you’re a traveler, tourist, or expat who has probably never heard of Jollibee, it’s your chance to get into the groove and experience the best of the best fast food in the Philippines. With over 750 stores in the Philippines alone, and a store at every corner of every street, getting your Chicken Joy fix is no problem. Experience happiness in every bite with the Philippines’ finest fast food restaurant, Jollibee.


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