Travel Hacks: How to Score Cheap Flights When in Manila

Traveling and going places is no doubt food for the soul and it always seems to be more of an experience worth investing in than time wasted getting lost. Although, we all must admit that travel costs money and money obviously does not grow out of trees. This being said, there is always a way around the expenses travel entails and that can be summed up in 2 words: cheap flights.

Scoring cheap flights is probably a travel hack anyone always on the go is familiar with. From secondary travel websites like Gotogate, Skyscanner and Easy Jet, to using up miles for trips and discounts, the option for travel is definitely made more possible. When I myself went to Europe as my graduation gift last year, I traveled with my cousin and his girlfriend going  to Paris, France to Amsterdam, Netherlands to Rome, Italy then to Paris, France again.

It was from visiting relatives in the Netherlands where my aunut and other cousins brought us to Rome for a quick side trip using EasyJet Airlines. Booking a ticket online was fast, convenient and user-friendly for first time users. Small airlines and cheap flights are the best combos when one is up for a short side trip and thanks to the growing business of travel and technology, many more independent and small airlines like Easy Jet is bound to arrive soon.

However, apart from these established ways of scoring affordable flights abroad, there are also ways to score cheap flights while staying in the Philippines. More so, if tourists, travelers and visitors ought to make quick side trips to places other than Manila. The following are some travel hacks to take note of. These are some tourist spots your might want to consider in your itinerary.

MetroDeal Travel Vouchers

During my internship at a local NGO, I met a foreign intern from Venice, Italy, Sara Manni who was studying in London and taking her internship in Manila for extra credit. She exuded the aura of a frequent backpacker and traveler for that’s all she had throughout her 2 month stay in the Philippines, a big backpack filled with her essentials. Looking to see more of the Philippines while doing the internship, she started asking me about the local mall in Quezon City which had a bus to Sagada on a Thursday night.

Puzzled, I was curiously asking Sara where she found a bus who would take her all the way to Sagada to see the famous hanging coffins and that’s when she mentioned the MetroDeal voucher she purchased online. Her voucher was a 2 night stay in a local hostel in Sagada for only PHP 2,000 where she was brought to by a service from her bus ride to Sagada from Trinoma Mall in Quezon City.

She also mentioned the inclusion of free breakfast and other amenities in the hostel that was indicated as part of the deal. Dazzled by this new discovery, I went on the website myself and found quite a number of interesting deals from as low as PHP 1000 to PHP 9,000 to local destinations such as Boracay to international ones like Hong Kong. It was quite fun looking through the deals and seeing how easy it was to buy a deal which I was able to do for a client I had to handle for work.

Travel Hacks: How to Score Cheap Flights When in Manila

The steps are as easy as 1,2,3 where the user must simply make an account via their website, followed by clicking  “Buy Now!” which is then downloadable from their own Metrodeal accounts. This also does not require the user to print any copy thus making it easier and more convenient for backpackers and travelers like my intern mate Sara.

Cheap Flights 2

Travel Madness Expo – Travel Fairs

One other method many avid travelers are making use of is going to many travel expos or travel fairs in the metro. Last July 2016, I was fortunate enough to be given a free ticket  to the RAKSO travel expo in the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.  Upon entering the venue itself, It was very interesting to see so many people lining up in different airline booths like Air Asia, Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific and other travel agencies. The intensity of the place was very much felt right from the moment I entered the place where some people were even running towards booths offering last minute discounts and promos.

The wanderlust in people never fail to amuse or disappoint and travel fairs definitely bring that out in them. Going around and asking about travel promos and packages to South Korea and Thailand was very easy because so many travel agents were already standing outside the booth handing out their rates and several other fliers on what they had to over. The sense of urgency among the people present and working there was very impressive because they very much wanted to cater to everyone’s inquiries. It was also very conducive to see their ads and videos on screen because it showed all the upcoming travel fairs each booth and agency they were going to be present at.

Travel Hacks: How to Score Cheap Flights When in Manila

Travel fairs and flight expos are a great way to explore and widen your options when planning to travel local or internationally. The wide variety of options for hotel accommodations, travel tours, packages and promos are endless and this consistently brings about more opportunity to invest in traveling; all anyone ever needs in situations like this are patience, some good snacks and the money to actually get the trip booked and done. Surely, anyone planning to go from Manila to El Nido, Palawan or from Cebu to Taipei will find the right trip accommodation; it’s all up to their keen eye and determination. A cheap and easy way to find amazing tourist spots and attractions in the philippines

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