How to Keep the Young Ones Entertained When in Manila

Travelling to Philippines especially in Metro Manila becomes quite a whirlwind at times because of so many things to do and so many places to see. For those expats who have decided to reside in Manila, as well as travelers staying in Manila for several months either for leisure or work should be aware of the latest and greatest with regards to kids entertainment. No, I do not just mean what’s the next big gadget out in the tech industry to buy because contrary to unpopular belief, going out, playing, discovering and learning something besides the premise of their own gadgets is still a viable way to make something of the time spent in Manila, both as a family or even just as a visiting tourist.

Considering the children and the young tweens and teens during a trip is a big adjustment and may cause alterations to anyone’s itinerary. Traveling with children alone is hard enough and keeping them entertained, while also imparting some knowledge or life lesson should be considered as a priority. For those expats already residing in Manila or those tourists and travelers traveling in groups with children, there is a new interactive fun space that just opened in Manila last 2015, KidZania; a huge interactive play space designed just for kids to forge a future and learn practical life skills.

KidZania, Park Triangle, BGC, Taguig City

Having been to one of these hyped activity centers myself in the last year, there is certainly some sort of premise when it comes to capturing the attention of a much younger audience. I was able to go to KidZania when I got my 5-year-old cousin there for her birthday last year. Due to her parents coming home later from a business trip abroad, I was allowed to accompany my cousin as an adult chaperone. As we entered the premise of KidZania, my little cousin Tatti was given a bracelet matching my identification information for safety and emergency purposes upon registration. Kids age 4 to 14 years old were presented with 50 KidZos to help jumpstart their exploration and interactive experience.

How to Keep the Young Ones Entertained When in Manila  How to Keep the Young Ones Entertained When in Manila

Kid Currency and Financial Literacy

Along with the bracelets and kidZos, we were given a map and city codes to the whole of KidZania which surely showed how big the place was. The intricacy and detail put into the well-designed establishment for children helps in teaching them to seek real life careers from pilots and cooks to artists and veterinarians. Indeed, KidZania was able to really capture the essence of truly equipping a systematic world for children to learn, understand, and thrive in.

Some real-life skills KidZania imparts on the children is financial literacy where they even have their own Bank of the Philippine Islands where the kids can learn how to deposit and withdraw their kidZos. With the friendly booth ushers and managers, Tatti was able to properly accomplish the task earning her points to do more activities around KidZania.

Triggering the Doctor Dreams

How to Keep the Young Ones Entertained When in Manila

Aside from financial literacy being a core skill taught through the banking experience the kids had to go through, there were also medical establishments like St. Luke’s Medical Center, complete with an emergency room, baby care center, and operating room. Children were able to learn the basics of attending to patients, as well as the basics of how an organ transplant took place among other medical skills that Tatti definitely enjoyed and hopefully struck her doctor dreams.

Another fun skill center was the Holiday Inn where kids were given a list of tasks to fulfill. They had the freedom to choose which sector of the hotel industry they would work in, either at the reception, catering, or housekeeping. This was able to really teach children the value of developing organization and people skills, which was interesting because it most definitely got my cousin cleaning more up to this day.

Strictly No Food and Drinks

One rule about KidZania is quite off-putting and that is the prohibition of food and drinks in the entire play space as a whole. This was so because of the numerous food booths sponsored by several known food brands like Purefoods and Goldilocks to name a few. Aside from this, the whole experience was quite a treat for my cousin Tatti and I, since it definitely amused the both of us and provided her with an experience that wasn’t just all fun and games but one that imparted practical skills to develop later in life and use in getting a real job one day.

Interactive fun spaces like KidZania is just one of the many new innovations that has been sweeping the metro and if you’re traveling or have been staying in Manila with your family and little cousins for quite a while now, then KidZania is the place to be, not only does it keep kids occupied but also inspire them to develop a sense of ambition in the long run.

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