Go Green and Shop Zero-Waste in Got Heart Shop Manila  

Going green and being a patron of the environment isn’t always easy. The extra effort to save the environment means adapting, from recycling, reusing, and reducing to simply avoiding straws and bringing your own grocery bags to the store. These small acts of kindness towards saving our planet earth make a big impact when done by several people in a community.

It may take some adjustment to your daily consumption of goods and products, but by slowly making these changes, a more earth-friendly system can take place. This system can be set as an example of many other people which can eventually develop into a collective effort of saving the earth.

Got Heart PH Shop                   

Got Heart PH Shop is a zero-waste initiative by the Got Heart Foundation Inc. which was launched six years ago in 2012. The store is open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, located at Lot 10 B-10 Katipunan Avenue in White Plains, Quezon City. It was founded by Melissa Yeung-Yap who took part in generating social enterprise, enabling local communities to find a platform to sell their produce.   

These six year old business pioneers in selling pro-zero-waste products that are handmade by local farmers and producers. Some of which include organic soaps, bath bars, liquid soap, planters, and sugar, salt, beans, and many others that can be purchased in customers’ own containers and bags.

This small act makes shopping more flexible and even more fun for those who enjoy the mere act of canvassing. Aside from local produce and goods, Got Heart also sells organic hygiene products and recycled accessories that make zero-waste living more convenient. Examples include pure beeswax candles, bamboo cutlery, and hand-crafted Bagiti baskets which were made by the Aeta community.

Go Green, Go Zero-Waste

Producing zero-waste may be a big step to take just on a limb. It is a lifestyle adjustment that will entail building a routine and proper planning. With a more eco-friendly community amongst Filipinos, there is now a place locals and expats can visit in Manila when they wish to commit to a zero-waste lifestyle that produces little to no plastic in the long run.

With many young people advocating for the planet earth’s importance, the initiative to live plastic-free is more possible than ever. The only way to normalize this kind of sustainable living is to keep moving forward with the lifestyle adjustment and remember the mission to save mother earth.

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