Get Your Wine Fix in a Jiffy with Winery Philippines

Unwinding and chilling after a long day at work is anything but a natural reaction people have. Usually, the norm is to sit back, relax, and watch some TV at night with a glass of wine and some complimentary food on hand. There is a sense of calm and relaxation wine brings when you’re just beat from a long day, as well as some health benefits that come along with it.

Wine tends to come off as an intimidating drink to purchase because more often than not, the average person doesn’t really know what is good, what is expensive versus, what is good and what is cheap. Buying wine isn’t supposed to be just a hobby for connoisseurs, but is something the average person should be allowed to purchase with utter confidence and ease. A renowned wine service delivery in the Philippines has been making the mundane act of drinking wine a more enjoyable and convenient experience.

Winery Philippines

The company Winery Philippines was established in 2016 and was founded by a group of passionate wine lovers. The small group of friends aimed to make a big leap and improve the access to good quality wine for local wine lovers alike. Winery Philippines also works to reinvent the way wine is marketed and sold to people across the country. The rather young up and comer in the beverage industry works towards the goal of becoming the most trusted and popular wine supplier in the country by utilizing the advances technology, social media, and e-commerce brings to the country.

Making use of social media and exploring the expansion of the startup is the prime strategy of Winery Philippines, maximizing the digital space to reach more wine lovers across the Philippines. The first online wine store and the community has been Winery Philippines’ claim to fame for the last few years, and it continues to reinvent its brand in the attempt to bring people a collection of well-curated red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, rose wines, and even dessert wines at the most affordable cost.

Monthly Wine Box Subscription

For the avid wine drinker or the wine-lover to be, Winery Philippines fosters a community by curating an exceptional collection of wines, ones you don’t often find in the grocery store or inexpensive resto-bars. On a monthly basis, the company will assemble a set of wines that will get you feeling you’re on a wine tasting tour in Napa Valley. Winery Philippines holds a variety of wines from several countries all over the world, which include Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, and Spain among many others.

What wins customers over is their superb delivery service that brings your carefully curated wine box with intricate tasting cards to help orient beginner connoisseurs, right to their front door. Winery Philippines guarantees fresh wine in top-notch quality while earning several rewards.

Kavino Club is a monthly wine subscription service that brings wine drinkers the chance to go on a wine adventure with the option to choose 2, 3, or 6 bottles per delivery. Rates start at PHP 2,200 a box with two bottles, to the Kavino Boss subscription at PHP 6,000 with up to six bottles in a box.

Making its Mark

Winery Philippines is truly reinventing the way locals enjoy wine with a very up to date approach on marketing a product through the digital space. Holding events and wine tastings are some of the other perks the company is opening for the public while making its mark on the up and coming industry in the Philippines. There’s more to gain from a well-curated and convenient wine experience, Winery Philippines continues to pave a way for every average folk to have great quality wine while sitting back and relaxing after a beat day at work.

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