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One of the many past times people would suggest when visiting a new country or a new place in general is to visit museums and exhibits particularly the BenCab Museum. There are alot of things to do in Manila being such an urbanized city center can be congested and at the same time quite cultured. Tradition and culture may varies depending on your location here in Philippines. Museums that many people have been frequenting recently due to the free entrances, restorations, and renovations are the Ayala Museum in Makati City, the National Museum in Ermita, Manila and The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD) in Malate, Manila among many others scattered throughout the city.

Metro Manila museums are impeccable and show a whole lot of history while also telling a story of what art can do for people. The spirit of creative expression is encapsulated within every Filipino artist’s artistic approach evident throughout their works wherever they are situated or located. Exhibits and museums outside the metro also exists in serenity and authenticity. Cities like Antipolo, Rizal and Baguio are two remote cities away from Manila that hosts some of the most captivating art by phenomenal Filipino artists and collectors.

If you’re aching to get away from the city chaos and take a little detour, a road trip Baguio City is a sure remedy, where you can see first-hand the infamous Ben Cab Museum.

Ben Cab Museum, 6 Asin Road, Tuba, 2602 Benguet

Having craved for a detour out of the metro myself, I found myself on the way to the Ben Cab Musuem on an impromptu trip with my family around September of 2016. We drove from our house in Kapitolyo, Pasig City all the way to the Ben Cab Musuem for a good 6 hours with stop overs to spend the weekend up the cold windy city. My mom itching to see the exhibit after getting into a short phase with Philippine art history convinced all of us one weekend to drive up to Baguio just to spend a good 2 hours viewing art. It was oddly impulsive but definitely worth the spontaneous adventure we had as a family.

BenCab Museum

BenCab MuseumThe Ben Cab Museum is an art gallery and sanctuary up in the mountains of Benguet which displays the fascinating collection of Benedicto Reyes Cabrera. He is a renowned painter and print maker, and is also known as one of the pioneering masters of contemporary art in the Philippines. The Ben Cab museum is a project established by the non-stock organization, founded by Benedicto Cabrera himself, called the BenCab Art Foundation.

Viable Discounts to Take Note of

The Ben Cab museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Admission to the general public is worth PHP 120. Discounts apply for students who visit and present a valid school ID, they can get in for only PHP 100. Discounts also apply to senior citizens and PWDs with valid IDs and are charged PHP 80 only for their entrance fee. Students who plan to visit the museum as an organized group with a minimum of 30 guests have a special rate for admission, as well as the those attending under an Eco Trail Tour.

Upon going in the museum, you are greeted with a clear white aura, supported by the high ceiling architecture of the museum itself. The collection of authentic and tribal figurines, native implements, weapons and even granary gods on display all around makes every visitor keen with wander. The museum also resides in quite a green environment with a garden type of view just around the corner and a bridge way perfect for those Instagram pictures.

No Flash Photography

One mishap that took place when we visited was when my sister tried to sneak a picture of one of the paintings, but instead the flash came off and attracted quite the attention, garnering a warning from the security and museum personnel. So be sure, when visiting and roaming the museum, to keep your mobile phones intact and out of flash mode.

Gallery Galore

BenCab Museum

There are several galleries within the museum, from BenCab’s personal works displayed in the BenCab Gallery to the Patio Salvador which is just adjacent to the Indigo Gallery used to host receptions and sculpture shows. The museum in itself has so much to offer in terms of artistic approach, innovative ambition and creative expression. This is proven by the growing support the BenCab Museum holds for the arts by hosting art workshops, seminars, art film showings etc. in their very own Larawan Hall.

Organic Food Made Better at Café Sabel

tourist spots BenCab Museum The Phillipines have so much to offer in terms of dishes and foods. But he BenCab Museum also has their very own café for visitors to come grab a meal at. Café Sabel is located within the museum and is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM for visitors and museum goers. They are known to serve organic food and freshly grown vegetables and herbs from their very own BenCab organic farm. Aside from the healthy dining experience the place has to offer, a must try is their signature coffee brew known as BenCab’s Brew which is also notable for its direct source, which is the farm’s own coffee tree plantations.

Experience the BenCab Element

BenCab Museum

Indeed, there is nothing BenCab cannot do and he is living proof the arts continue to blossom in the Philippines because of people like him. Besides hosting a potential tourist venue, it also holds the capacity to contribute to Philippine contemporary development in the arts. So if you find yourself lurking the streets of Baguio with nothing to do or with a raging wanderlust, visit the BenCab museum and experience the majesty of his element. one of the many tourist attractions in the philippines

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