Get Active Manila: 3 Races and Marathons to Join this August

Living in the city with a 9-5 job can mean a sedentary lifestyle for many Manilenos. The busy life of the city usually translates to a desk job with a lot of computer work. This may lead to back problems and posture issues that many people don’t actively go out and resolve. For active people who have a sedentary job, exercising is merely part of their routine.

Active and energized people usually go the extra mile and do endurance and weight training activities from cross-fit, plana-forma to aerobic yoga. There are also those who love the feeling of a good run which many marathoners can relate to. Promoting an active lifestyle that is on the go isn’t easy to attain but is something several people in Manila enjoy making an event out of.

Organized Running Events

What’s great about active events in Manila is that they are organized annually and are events runners really come out and sign up for. Runners and active people train months until a race or marathon ensues which makes the activity more about the process.

Below are three upcoming races and marathons in and outside of Manila. So traveling to certain places in the Philippines is also a must but something committed runners to make time for.

3 Races and Marathons to Sign Up for this August

  1. Kaleidoscope Life in Color Run 2018 (Laguna) 

The Color Run is one of the much-awaited events for runners that take place every year in different areas of the Philippines. This 2018, the Kaleidoscope Color Run will take place on Saturday, August 18 in Los Banos Laguna. The race begins are 5:00 AM at the UPLB Freedom Park within the university itself.

The Color Run is popular for its joyous finish where runners reach the finish line with colored powder scattered on them everywhere. This creates a fun dynamic among runners who pushed so far and worked so hard to get to the finish line.

One great thing about this year’s color run is that proceeds from the event will go to the Buhay Movement PH, an organization supporting those who struggle with mental health.

People who still want register can choose between the following:

  • 3k Run – Php 400 (Php 350 for UP students)
  • 5k Run – Php 500 (Php 450 for UP students)
  1. Run for the Troops (Taguig, Metro Manila)

Run for the Troops launched last 2017 and are going strong on its second year this 2018 to be held on Saturday, August 25 in the Philippine Army Grandstand, Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City.

This run was organized for the soldiers and army men who have dedicated their lives to protecting the Philippines and its people. The event is open to the general public but more so towards the union of the Armed Forces, Army, Air Force, and the Navy among other entities.

People who still want register can fill up the form, scan the form and send to .  The following are the prices and distances runners may choose to join:

  • 3k Run – Php 450
  • 5k Run – Php 550
  • 10K Run – Php 650

Payments can be through Head Office and partner Banks: UNIONBANK, UCPB,
and BPI.

  1. Milo Marathon 2018 (Tarlac)

The Mile Marathon is one of the longest running marathons in the country with its humble beginning launched back in 1974. Milo has truly stayed in tune with its brand of hailing energized champions across the country. Hundreds of runners and active folks sign up every year to join the biggest and grandest marathon held in several points in the country.

“Come together. Run. Learn.”

This big Milo Run in Tarlac City will be held on Sunday, August 26 in the Development Bank of the Philippines in Macabulos Drive, Tarlac City. There are several variations to compete in as stated below:

  • 3/5 km – Php 160 (Php110 for students)
  • 10km – Php 850
  • 21km – Php 950
  • 195 km – Php 1,050

One aspect that makes the Milo Run one to remember is that every person who runs will be able to help provide for underprivileged children. The Help Give Shoes Advocacy is one that Milo practices wherein every runner who signs up equate to Milo giving a child a pair of shoes encouraging them to go and pursue their dreams. This initiative sets off the whole idea of paying forward for children all over the country.

Run for You, Run for a Cause

For every active person who wishes to kickstart their journey towards greatness, a marathon is one way to achieve that goal. Running a race or a marathon entails total commitment and proper training which enhances so much about the human body, mind, and soul. If you’re up for a challenge, participating one of these races/marathons is a sure way to help push yourself and see where your limits are at.

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