For the Forest: The Pinoy’s Passion for Saving Philippine Forestry

The latest world news on the environmental catastrophe that’s taking place in several corners of the world, from Brazil, India, to Iceland and the polar regions of the world. The climate issue has become a buzzword in the last two decades as the planet continues to deplete because of toxic carbon emissions that can’t be managed through the Paris Climate Agreement. Energy super powers like the US has recently decided to pull out of the climate accord and with US President Donald Trump opposing the Paris Agreement, it’s no surprise his pro-fossil fuels administration will withdraw from the accord at the earliest possible date, which is on t7he 4th of November.

Thus, the need to further act on smaller scales and local levels when it comes to preserving nature and sustaining mother earth in ways that can incite mass awareness and action. In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte is no different and has consistently stood by massive reclamation projects that threaten the biodiversity and forestry of the country. The Duterte admin has allowed the threat to fisherfolks, supported the destruction of mangroves, seagrass, as well as other protected marine habitats. By allowing leniency to Chinese ships and the construction of casino reclamation activities in islands like the newly renovated Boracay island, it’s clear that the pro-environment stance of the government is nothing more but a charade.

For the Forest

Plastic bans and other pro-environmental efforts by local citizens and organizations have been making small changes here and there. An up and coming organization that started from a love of nature and forests by a group of friends is now a force that continues to work towards a greener Philippines. For the Forest is a small movement and initiative started by a group of friends who took part in the reforestation efforts in Yangil, Zambales, a province in the North of the Philippines that are owned by the Indigenous Aeta Tribe of Yangil.

This protected land needs utmost preservation and thus, For the Forest was born out of passion, servant-leadership, and environmental social responsibility. The movement and fundraiser aims to raise PHP 1,000,000 in order to build a whole new forest in this precious land. This fundraiser aims to engage a whole new generation of audiences to care for the Philippine environment and to extend their generosity towards something sustainable and necessary to save the planet. The goal to “restore a home into the carbon sink” will be one step towards fighting the climate crisis; a goal the Filipino people and other nations have to work together towards to achieve.

The money raised will go to planting 2,500 forest trees, a water pump, 1,750 fruit trees, planting tools, and 2 carabaos and carts to continue the efforts of maintaining the forest. There’s no suggested donation required, but there are customized donations for those who wish to contribute thoroughly. The current tree fund is at PHP 51,084.50 and with more awareness being spread, local news and organizations giving spotlight to the movement, some of which include CNN Philippines, there’s definitely a market and space to mainstream the very need to take care of our forestry.

It’s in Our Hands

You don’t have to give a lot but there’s a huge effort in doing so that people today and the next generation will benefit from every small contribution. Pitch in, plant a tree, use that tumblr instead of getting a to-go cup and avoid plastic use, whatever is necessary to help save the planet; the choice is yours, while we still have a possibility of the future. Make a change and donate to For the Forest and make this goal a reality in the near future.

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