For Budget Travelers: My Manila Airbnb Experience

Accommodations when traveling is always a tricky part of planning and building an itinerary, especially when you’re traveling with a group like friends or family. Despite the numerous options of 3-5 star hotels roaming the city, tourists and travelers on budget tend to go into a more meticulous hunt when it comes to comfortable and cheaper places to stay. Thus, the avid establishment of travel and hotel apps like Trivago, Traveloka, and the infamous Airbnb. A great alternative to hotels when visiting Philippines’ great tourist attractions

AirBnb in Manila

The San Francisco Startup was launched in Manila last 2012 where several homes are listed on the website for people to book and occupy for stay during their trip to the Philippines. There are several houses listed from rural areas beyond Metro Manila but majority of the listings are set in Manila alone. If you’re a loyal Airbnb-er traveling to Metro Manila, staying in a Manilenyo home is definitely something I would recommend simply for the following reasons:

  • Affordability and Price
  • Comfortable accomodations
  • Friendly and hospitable hosts
  • Spontaneity

Affordability and Convenience

Aside from the ease, Airbnb’s convenience and affordability, certainly attracts several users every minute of everyday and it has become a service that even locals of Manila enjoy. Locals such as myself have actually stayed in one of the listed homes in Airbnb for 2 days for a work seminar I was tasked to attend. The Airbnb I booked was located at 4498 Singian Street, Brgy. Poblacion in Makati City which was a 10 minute walk to the venue of my seminar. It is owned by a couple named Mark and Christine who turned out to be employees working in the same building as my office’s, quite the coincidence that made conversations with them much more comfortable and at ease.

A Humble Home

Their quaint, cozy and vibrant little home is easily locatable if you are planning to use Uber going there. From my home in Kapitolyo, Pasig City it was a good hour and a half getting there at 9:30 PM on a weekday. If you are coming from NAIA, via taxi or bus, adjustments of time and fare will vary depending on arrival. If you are planning to take a taxi from NAIA during rush hour, around 6:00 PM until 8:30 PM, then it would be best to book an Uber instead. 

Budget Travelers

Upon my arrival to their place, I was greeted by Mark in the entrance of their building since I texted him my Uber’s plate number and ETA to their place. With his kind gesture, he helped me with my bags and led me to their cozy little home in the city. As the door opened, Christine shakes my hand and hands me a small complimentary gift basket filled with goodies for snacking and some treats I can indulge in once settled in. It was very heart warming to experience the good graces of this couple. Their hosting skills are beyond superb and very accommodating without a doubt. Usually hosts are nicer to foreign visitors that’s why I was a bit surprised with the level of hospitality they have showed towards me since I am just a local staying for just a night in their place and because I already knew how to oper

ate around Makati’s Central Business District.

Budget Travelers


Budget Travelers

Budget Travelers

Regardless of that, their living room and 2 kitchens were just as clean and cozy looking as seen on their listing online. The room that they lent me for a 
night was freshly cleaned and filled with all the essentials, from newly washed sheets to toiletries. Christine even joked about how she got everything on sale and how it was the best bargain she got, causing her to hoard a couple of supplies for her next visitors. The room was also well ventilated with air-conditioning working perfectly well, along with high speed internet of 16 MBPS and a 32 inch TV installed with Netflix and Mubi for your viewing pleasure.

Hospitality Beyond Belief

My one night stay was definitely brief but one to remember. In spite of the mount of work I was stuck doing the whole night, the next morning I was greeted with a fresh cup of coffee and a plate of pancakes and bacon waiting for me on their balcony. It was quite a treat since I wasn’t really planning to eat that very morning due to an early call time at 6:00 AM. Mark had left early for work that morning, but Christine and I were able to have breakfast together, which made the morning quite a good start for my day.

Budget Travelers

Budget Travelers

Staying in a stranger’s home for a night doesn’t always have to be frightening, with hosts like Mark and Christine, you’re definitely making the right decision. They welcome anyone from anywhere and will provide you with a homey stay that encompasses your expectations but still within your budget. Backpackers and budget travelers are best suited for their place since everything is within reach, and transportation is easily accessible, from tricycles, jeepneys, taxi cabs, as well as Uber and Grab friendly located. Here is a link to their Airbnb listing which contains complete information with regards to what they have to offer, .

Happy staying! find out more general informations about the Philippines

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