Filipino Pride is Alive and Well with Stand-up Comedian Jo Koy

When it comes to Filipino talent, there are a lot of people in and out of Hollywood who have definitely proven this to be rightfully one that is world-renowned. From singing, dancing, to cooking and acting, there’s only so much a Filipino can do. Pinoys are celebrated for their entertaining qualities and have a vibrant and rather interesting culture when it comes to celebrity culture.

Jo Koy’s Spotlight

Aside from singing and dancing though, other Pinoys are recognized worldwide for their talent in making people laugh. Filipino comedian Jo Koy, the Filipino American comedian who made headlines in the US a few years back for his on being raised by a Filipino mother and growing up in the US with a Caucasian father. His jokes have propelled him to fame and have garnered him stints in Comedy Central, Just For Laughs, and two popular Netflix stand-up specials titled “Jo Koy: Live From Seattle” and “Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot” which was recently released on Netflix.

For Koy, comedy is his passion and has always found fulfillment in making people laugh with his jokes and spot-on impressions. Joseph Glenn Herbert found passion in comedy and worked very hard to upstart his comedy career in Hollywood. For Jo Koy, a stand-up special is a sign that you’ve truly made it in your comedy career, “It’s kind of like that crowning moment for us,” Koy told The Ringer.

The Filipino Sense of Humor

Jo Koy gained critical acclaim when he made a guest appearance on Chelsea Handler’s late-night show and eventually, other remarkable appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno back in 2005 when he was still just starting out in Hollywood, and much recently in 2017 when he appeared at The Late Late Show with James Corden. Since then, Joseph Herbert has come a long way and has managed to make a name for himself in various parts of the world.

It truly brings great pride and honor to know that a talented and hilarious comedian like Jo Koy has carved his name into the comedy scene in Hollywood. The likes of such a comedian is why Filipino pride continues to be high and mighty in an increasingly competitive scene, but with Jo Koy using his insights and awareness of the Filipino culture and other cultures alongside it, a whole new level of comic relief comedy fans all over the world are keen to witness and are welcome to do so with every Netflix subscription of course.

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