Filipino Fast Food Chain Jollibee Buys Coffee Bean Tea Leaf

If there’s one thing Filipinos are proud of, it’s the fried chicken conglomerate that has given McDonald’s a run for its money. Jollibee is definitely a brand that has brought a high sense of Pinoy pride to the Filipino people for its next level flavor and unique array of menu offers. Tony Tan Caktiong’s global phenomenon has brought forth a huge demand for the beloved original recipe fried chicken that the Philippines very much takes pride in. Getting a taste of this now world-renowned fried chicken is very much possible with over 1,000 branches worldwide, most recently in Italy and New York City.

Jollibee’s Biggest Buy

Jollibee is no doubt a competitive fast-food chain that has amassed billions from years of success. Most recently, it was reported by CNN, that the biggest Filipino fast-food chain took a huge leap into investment and bought California-based coffee chain, Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf. CBTL has an estimate of 1,200 stores in over 25 countries globally and is as equally competitive as coffee giant Starbucks. Jollibee wants to focus on growing the CBTL brand in Asia with Jollibee’s very own chairman; Tony Tan Caktiong said in a statement that Jollibee aims to “become an important player in the large, fast-growing and profitable coffee business.”

CBTL is set at a total value of $350 million according to Jollibee and will open doors for the company in its pursuit to grow internationally as a business, with 36% of its sales as forecasted. It’s no doubt that the Filipino spirit is in an all-time high. Knowing that what makes every Pinoy feel like home, is now a globally renowned brand that has the purchasing power to compete in an international playing field.

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