Filipina Talent Nominated for Hollywood Music Media Award

Another proud moment for Filipinos over the world as another talented young Pinoy had been recognized for her superb skill in musical composition. The 26-year-old composer, Jaime Pangan was recently lauded by the international music scene for her piece “Farewell” which was nominated for a Hollywood Music Media Award to be held in November. Pangan who is taking up her master’s degree at the University of Southern California actually made “Farewell” as a final project for her class in Screen Scoring.

Grit and Gumption Come Alive

Pangan has always been into music and has even managed to create an organization for music within IBM when she was working in IT. The music org was targeted for a pool of performers and musicians. She was also a big part in conceptualizing AI that generated hit songs based off of previous hits, while also entertaining freelance gigs on the side. This up and coming talent is definitely one to watch abroad and in the Philippines.

Jaimie Pangan is a prime example of what talent, hard work, and humility are like. Finding ways to do what you love and seeking passion in everyday endeavors is what truly makes the Filipino’s dream come alive. With several talented Pinoys all over the globe, it’s no doubt that Jaime Pangan is just one of the many young, driven, and talented Filipinos that are striving hard to make their dreams and passion come to life, wherever part of the world they’re scattered.

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