Explore the Night Life in the Philippines – Red Light District Angeles City

Red Light District in Angeles City – Wilder than Pattaya, Thailand

There are several things to do when traveling to a new place. Finding where to eat, where to shop and what to explore can be a lot to handle especially if it was a last minute trip. Exploring a new place can be fun, entertaining and even dangerously thrilling on most part. Sometimes this includes risqué activities like exploring the night life and party scene in some places.

If you’re a foreigner traveling to the Philippines and want to experience a great night outside of Manila, then Angeles City in Pampanga is the place to be. Angeles is located 80 kilometers north of Manila.The best time to visit would be from January to February the cool weather is still present and not so crowded since it is post-Christmas season.

What is there to do in Angeles City?

Angeles City’s main selling point will have to be the impeccable night life that many tourists and expats constantly visit. It has a growing club scene dubbed as one of the most popular in Asia for its daring and sex positive atmosphere similar to Pattaya, Thailand.

Getting there from Manila itself is doable with a 3 hour and 56 minute drive. The great thing about Angeles’ night life is that majority of the best bars and clubs are found in one area called Fields Avenue.


Pattaya vs. Angeles

Pattaya, Thailand is another night life central that many travelers think of when in Asia. With a variety of go-go bars, restaurants and impeccable sources of entertainment, Pattaya is a crowded hub with plenty of people coming and leaving. This can be a disadvantage because sometimes the atmosphere can be crowded and insufferable. If you wish to experience a wild night out to remember without getting overwhelmed by business and dozens of crowds, consider Angeles City’s Fields Avenue.


Pattaya, Thailand

This red light night life district is renownd for its felxibility and variety in providing entertainment. Several foreigners and expats enjoy coming to Fields Avenue since it’s a 24/7 hub that entertains anyone at any time. The bars and restaurants alined in one street makes it easy to hop from one bar to another, providing convenience and ease for visitors. This hub isn’t as clustered by crowds of people compared to Pattaya. Fields Avenue is a wide street with bars that have their own welcoming stints. Each bar has a trademark that lures many explorers in; great for a naughty night out with good company.


Angeles City, Pampanga 

Another pro about Angeles City’s nightlife is the all-inclusive bar fine. In contrast to go-go bars in Pattaya, it varries per bar or club and the need to tip the girls or entertainers is not necessary; no extra negotiations. The food scene in Angeles is also a booming one at that. The city has embraced international cuisine and continuously does its best to experiment with Western food, so if you’re a Westerner in demand for comfort food then Angeles has it for you.

5 Best Places for a Wild Night Out in Angeles City



Where: 222 Fields Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City 2009, Pampanga.

Selling Points: Service and Entertainment

The best thing about Club Atlantis will have to be the entertainment and service of course. If you are looking for a good time with great girls, then spending your money in Club Atlantis is no mistake. Not only does the place glimmer in lights at night, but the place also has 2 big stages where several girls come and dance for your entertainment. Girls usually circulate the bar and approach incoming customers to make them feel welcome and taken care of. The service is commendable for they are earnest with their customers billing and tipping. If you get excessive or reckless with your spending, they make no hesitation to return it to you; very rare in many night clubs.



Where:  109 Raymond Street, Balibago, Angeles City 2009, Pampanga.

Selling Points: Performances and Leisure

The place is notable for their entertainment and the girls that make your night worth every penny. This is also a go-to place for foreigners and ex-pats, particularly Koreans and Japanese men who enjoy alone time with their girls. The Dollhouse ensures its customers with a great experience. From the collaborative and amusing performances of talented dancers to the leisure experience; it is sure to make your night time swell. The second floor of the Dollhouse contains 3 pool tables. You can even challenge them with a round of pool to make things interesting. Several Korean and Japanese men enjoy staying here for the great view and the privacy they can get with the girls.



Where: Fields Ave, Balibago, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga (the center of Walking Street)

Selling Points: Interior, Presentation and Performances

Viking is another great place to spend your night in Angeles City. The interior of the place is eye-catching since it looks like a Viking ship from the outside and is literally easy to locate on the streets. The most interesting thing about this bar aside from the girls will have to be their sheer commitment to providing customers an outstanding night experience. The place has one main stage that resembles a Viking ship where the girls perform and dance for their customers. The girls welcome new customers by marching in line in the most seductive and persuasive manner; kudos for the presentation huh?

4. Q BAR

Where: 1035 Fields Ave, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga, Philippines

Selling Points: Service, Interior, Events, and Entertainment

Head over to Q Bar, the new and improved Shark Bar at Walking Street upgraded with a lounge area and their very own house DJ. Q Bar is a go-to for many locals and ex-pats, especially Korean travelers and ex-pats who use to frequent Shark Bar as it is still managed by Korean management today. The bar is open from 6:00 pm to 4:00 am with longer hours compared to Shakr Bar.

Their interior got an entire upgrade with now a lounge area for customers to relax and enjoy their drink with a scenic view of beautiful girls right on the center stage. The drinks are affordable starting at Php 120.00 which can rack up to Php 3,000. Q Bar also holds local annual events like pageants and contests for girls around the district where locals dress to impress and go through a whole segment, quality entertainment for travelers who are itching to see something a little bit different in Fields Avenue.


Where: 1035 Fields Ave, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga, Philippines

Selling Points: Sound System and Interior

Red Bar is another local hot spot marketed towards a more upscale group of foreigners, travelers, and ex-pats who are willing to shed out more ecash for a higher price of entertainment and service. Apart from a more premium service, Red Bar follows suit of its theme where red lights, furniture, staff outfits go in different hues of red.

Another pro to this place is that the drinks are still rather affordable with the most expensive drink only at Php 3,000.00. It also has a rather impressive sound system that isn’t too soft or too loud for customers and patrons to mingle aptly.

A Night to Remember in Angeles City’s Finest Bars

Angeles City’s committed to giving its visitors a great night experience. The place is popular among many tourists, foreigners, and ex-pats who care to unwind and enjoy the company of wonderful Filipinas. The nightlife in Angeles City is 24/7 where several people come in and out for quality time. It is also convenient to explore the nightlife here since all the go-to places are in one street, Fields Avenue. So what are you waiting for? Explore the best of Angeles City’s night scene today!

>> A sneak peak in the raving night life of Angeles City, Pampanga

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