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Learning is a fundamental part of the human experience that everyone at one point in their lives has been accustomed to. Being able to absorb information and attaining a certain level of interest in several topics, courses, and programs are just some of the aspects that fuel human evolution. Educating people, more often than not appear to be more of a privilege than a right in several parts of the world. For centuries now, developing and first world countries have trying been figuring out a clear cut way to provide people with access to quality education and education that rightfully suits people’s individual learning needs.

A social enterprise that brings together education and technology in the digital era, fostering a sense of community in the roots of Filipino empowerment is something Edukasyon.ph is known for. This online platform helps students from all across the Philippines to get access to education, whether they’re from the Visayas, Mindanao, or Luzon, Edukasyon.ph bridges students and schools together.

 Humble Beginnings

This ed-tech company began in 2015 when Henry Motte-Munoz, the Filipino-French civic leader who started Edukasyon.ph after a keen realization of the lack of information and resources in the Philippines. Due to this lack of information, a higher rate of unemployment among the youth further ensues. Thus, the key driver for Motte-Munoz to become an industry pioneer for technology and education simultaneously in the pursuit to empower the youth to make better higher education choices, while democratizing access to higher education propelling them to achieve their dream jobs in the long run.

What makes Edukasyon.ph a growing social enterprise stand out amongst other organizations is their three key advocacies, which include engaging community stakeholders, conducting career clinics, and offering scholarships to students and users across the digital space. The outstanding ed-tech company has reached 100,000 students, parents and teachers, and has successfully trained 40,000 students, parents, guardians, and schools while helping numerous students find scholarships through their online platform.

Expanding Reach

Edukasyon.ph has more than a couple of partner universities and schools all over the world that offer various degrees and programs for bachelor degrees and masters degrees. Countries like Australia, China, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, and many more partner up with Edukasyon.ph to bring forth more students to their schools and universities in the effort to foster a greater sense of learning across the globe.

Aside from scholarships and partnerships with various universities, Edukasyon.ph also works towards their beneficiaries which include students from various parts of the Philippines, even those in the rural area who are short of specific types of learning.

Pushing Forward a Cause

Edukasyon.ph thrives in its own rite for finding ways to diversify the learning experience and education of young people. Aspiring scholars who aim to study in universities within the country and abroad have more convenient access to such possibilities, with an ed-tech company driven towards proper information dissemination, establishing learning curves, and empowering young people from all communities to make a bold decision in navigating their careers in the future. After all, it’s what you study and where your interests lie that finds a way to make learning an out of body experience to foster in the long term.

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