Expat Hacks: Meal Prep Made Easier with U-Cookin Philippines  

When provincials and foreigners come to visit or live in Manila, the cost of living usually varies in opinion. There are several parts of the Metro that can be affordable or uber expensive, from rent, utility bills, to food and groceries; there’s no set standard cost.

Many people living in Manila tend to eat out more than cook in a lot. For young professionals and busy bees who spend most of their time in an 8-5 job, cooking meals that are delicious, healthy and has nutritional value can be a challenge. Time is essential when it comes to meal prep which requires a trip to the grocery store then there goes preparing the ingredients before actually cooking it.

With U-Cookin, meal prep is doable and hassle-free for all busy bees and working individuals. Cookin aims to provide its customers with a care package of pre-portioned ingredients and gourmet recipes to choose from.

Eating healthy and delicious food is utmost possible with so many meal prep delivery services around the metro. With U-Cookin, achieving a well-balanced lifestyle is not only a great new idea but also a revolutionary one that not only aims to raise health awareness but one that provides customer satisfaction.

Quick, Easy, and Convenient

U-Cookin is the first Philippine food delivery service that encourages people to be more aware of what they consume. Food shouldn’t just be eaten for the sake of eating, U-Cookin makes sure that anyone who has purchased their box will learn that cooking your food and spending minimal time in making something delicious doesn’t have to be an arduous process.

Achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle is just a tap away with U-Cookin. Visit them on Instagram, send a Direct Message and place your order, it’s as simple as that. U-Cookin Philippines gives you a chance to check everything off your to-do list and still get sustenance in the process.

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