Discreet Foods on Street: Best Filipino Street Foods

Other than our rich culture and unique tradition here in the Philippines, we Filipino has many extraordinary foods that you should try, upon your first weeks of your stay here. We Filipinos are fond of eating chicken’s feet, intestine, pig’s ear, pig’s blood and more—avaialable on streets for affordable prices. Gross? Absolutely not!

Here are some of the most famous Filipino street foods that are too discreetly delicious—to ever resist.


Discreet Foods on Street: Best Filipino Street Foods

Photo by Kalye Kusina

Isaw is made from the chicken’s intestine, creating a sour yet sweet taste on your tongue upon the first few bites. It is one of the best Filipino street food, and its long, zigzag pale curve intestine that turns red or brown when fully cooked—can give anyone a tasty, crispy yet chunky way of enjoying a regular snack.

Its taste grows deliciously if you’ll dip it deep in a mixed vinegar or ketchup. With only 6-7 pesos (the price may vary depending on the vendor), this extraordinary curve of chicken’s intestine can suit you and your taste buds just wonderfully fine.

Kwek Kwek (Quail Eggs)

Discreet Foods on Street: Best Filipino Street Foods

Photo by I Am Cebuano

These little, rounded orange deep-fried eggs are my favorite among other Filipino Street Foods. They are made from a hard-boiled quail egg deep fried in orange batter or coating. The unique name of this dish is derived from quail egg, (quail), and through Filipino’s natural word coining over the years, we call it as Kwek Kwek.

You can buy one piece of Kwek Kwek in a standard P3 (0.06$), but most of the vendors I know offer this a 4 Kwek-Kwek set for P10 (0.20$).

Chicken and Fish Ball

Discreet Foods on Street: Best Filipino Street Foods

They are Filipino street foods created from fish. They are usually round and white in color—and very tasty. They are best to go with Kwek-Kwek, and is considered to be the cheapest street foods in our country, costing only .50 cents per piece (Fish ball) and P2.50 (Chicken Balls). However, most Filipino vendors offer 5 pieces of chicken balls for P10, giving you an added chicken ball instead of 4. Isn’t it wonderful?


Discreet Foods on Street: Best Filipino Street Foods

It’s an old Chinese dish recreated into Filipino cuisine. It is made with ground pork and vegetables wrapped in bean curd sheets, and usually deep fried until it’s golden. It has a cute size stretching from your thumb and index finger. The usual cost per piece is P3, but you could get 4 of them in many vendor’s promos of P10 for 4 pieces of Kikiam’s.

Dugo or Betamax

Discreet Foods on Street: Best Filipino Street Foods

“Dugo” means blood in the Tagalog language, and this dark street food is grilled from chicken’s blood. They usually have a peculiar dark color when fully cooked, and their unique taste and suppleness can feed your appetite deliciously enough.

The usual price for a stick of “Dugo” is P10. You can enjoy three rectangle shaped Dugo by dipping it in a vinegar mix or ketchup (provided by the vendor) which can add up to its mouthwatering taste.


Discreet Foods on Street: Best Filipino Street Foods

…not the shoe brand you are thinking,

It is also another one of my favorite Filipino Street Food. Aside from the fact that it’s tasty, I really enjoy eating two or three of these at most times, due to their cute style and yummy ligament structures. I usually get 3 pieces of Adidas for P10, and it serves as a good snack for me whenever I got home from the office. They are usually grilled with sauces and are as good and delicious to eat after 10-15 minutes of grilling.

Tenga (Ears)

Discreet Foods on Street: Best Filipino Street Foods

They are the crispy ears of pig—cooked in delicious chunky bits.  There’s no wondering it is one of the most sought-after street food everywhere in the Philippines. They provide the simple combination of sour and crispiness that resemblance that the taste a chicken’s thigh. Like Adidas, they are purchasable at only P10 for three ears and edible after some 15 minutes of grilling.

Unique Filipino tastes.

A taste of heaven can’t only be found in some of Philippine’s restaurants—they can also be found along the street. They are as delicious as any menu on a standard eatery, only out and accessible in public. All you must do is to pick or make “tusok” (poke) the street food you like, and you’ll be in for a delicious treat! Make it a point to taste any of these Filipino street foods one of these days!

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