Filipino Courtship: 5 Things to do to win a Filipina’s “Yes”

If you had stayed long enough in the Philippines and romantically fallen in love with a Filipina—telling her “I love you” alone is not enough. Relationships and romance are a sacred part of Filipino culture and tradition, and to Court A Filipino Women comes in different natural processes.

If you are a foreigner who had found the “one” in one of our exceptionally beautiful Filipina women, you might want to consider doing these 5 things in to win her special “Yes” in a classy, traditional way.

Be Consistent

Court A Filipino Women

The courtship may be longer and usually takes months (even years)—but sure as the heavens up above, it is worth it. We take our time to see your patience and faithfulness throughout the courtship period. We value consistency too much, for it just shows your commitment in having us as your special other.

Compliment her, but not too much.

Court A Filipino Women

A Filipina knows when you’re faking it or making things up—just to make her feel good about herself. Find a way to compliment her every natural way. Start with the things you like about her in each day, her hair, her smile—everything you find amazing about her. It’ll make her blush, and feel absolutely appreciated. She might return your compliment with one of her own too, making your bond more intimate, closer.

Be like Shawn—Treat Her Better.

Court A Filipino Women
Filipinas are greatly turn on to men who treat them better and with respect. Like any girl in any culture, we Filipina women have the highest chance of liking a guy who respects us with all he can, understands us and the customs we do—and as well as the traditions we practice. Any girl from any races would prefer to be treated fairly, and we would highly appreciate if you let us believe that Chivalry is not yet dead.

Always bring a flower or a bunch of it.

Court A Filipino Women

Flowers or roses are a great symbol of a man’s pure and honest love intention. We Filipinas get so “kilig” (jittery) if a guy brings us flowers on certain occasions. It’s also a huge plus when courting us—for it represents your loyalty and admiration by giving us simply the flower to hold. When a rose or flower is forgotten, you could simply just bring her the tiniest gifts or sweets, like chocolates and teddy bears. We aren’t much into material stuff, but these sweet gestures simply tell your efforts to be with us.

And lastly,

Befriend her family

Court A Filipino Women

We like men who are open to interacting with our families—mostly with our parents. It just shows your clear intention and respect not just to a Filipina girl, but also to her family and friends. (Tip: Instead of asking her out for a dinner, you could sometimes surprise her family by visiting their home with little gifts. Family’s blessing is an essential part of courtship in our country, and if you’ll consistently do this you’re sure to be loved not only by her but also by her family.)

One, final romantic note

Filipinas are a very picky kind of women—and it’s because our qualities are for a lasting, long-term relationships. Physical appearance may charm us, but at the end of the day, we always consider the heart of a man and his intentions—not caring if he speaks another language or had come from a different race. Be simply who you are, and show your ideal Filipina women that you are deserving of her love, just as she is deserving of yours.

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