Consider these 3 Dog Shelters to Adopt from in the Philippines

Growing up with pets has been a prime experience for those families raising children in a home. The responsibility of caring for pets requires a certain level of commitment and time in making sure the owner incorporates taking care of the pet part of their daily routine. Making room for a pet in your life is not always as easy as when one is in their singlehood or early twenties when you’re in the middle of raising a whole family.

Finding the highest breed and most expensive pup to take care of can take quite the amount of time. The simplicity of picking up a pup that actually needs a home and qualified caretakers is much more appealing to those wanting to add a new pet to the family. Thus, adopting dogs or pets instead of buying a new pet serves a dual purpose; providing an abandoned animal a home and saving yourself time and money on a newly bred one. If you’re looking for some homey companion for you or your children, give these three amazing pet shelters a visit to find yourself a pup to smother with love.

Dog Shelters to Choose Your New Pet from

1.    CARA Welfare Philippines

CARA is a non-profit and non-government organization that’s been around since 2000 with the goal of helping the plight of animals in the country. CARA was formed by a group of friends and animal lovers who aimed to give fellow lovers a more transparent approach to adopting animals like pit bulls who usually tend to get a bad rep as attack-dogs.

The normal cost of buying a newly born and pure breed dog can cost you more than PHP 8,000, but adopting from CARA Philippines will only cost interested pet owners a fee of PHP 1,200 for a dog and PHP 800 for a cat. CARA Philippines is located at 175 Lopez Rizal Street, Corner Samat Street, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.

2.  Hound Haven

Another place to check out a little bit outside of Metro Manila is the Hound Haven. Located at 353 Pinaglagarian St., Pulong Yantok, Angat, in the province of Bulacan, Hound Haven provide former service and military dogs a sanctuary to live in and also a chance to be adopted by potential pet owners. This dog care center accepts donations, cares for abandoned service dogs ready for adoption, encourages consistent sponsorships for dogs and has a volunteer program for those animal lovers who wish to do more for man’s best friends.

3.  PETA Asia

This world-renowned organization has its own branch in the Philippines located at 706 Fedman Building, 199 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City in Metro Manila. PETA is one of the world’s leading animal rights organizations that cares, sponsors, and fosters proper treatment for all animals. PETA is popular for its rescue missions and provides initial care services for rescued dogs which include, spayed, neutered, dewormed, and vaccinations prior to the final adoption process.

Adopt, Don’t Stop

Finding a pet to love doesn’t have to cost much and can come from a genuinely helpful place. Adopting a dog is one way to exercise love and humane intentions without costing you much. Giving a stray or an abandoned dog a best friend and a loving home can be done with just a trip to these care centers. Make some time, find the right pet, and adopt the special pupper for your daily dose of companionship.

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