The Chong Hua Hospital of Cebu City

The need for medical care or health care services and the demand of quality health care continues to elevate in and out of the urban sector of the Philippines. Manila holds several prestigious hospitals that are all geared towards providing patients with the top-notch quality care and consult. From health and medical institutions like the Medical City, Makati Medical Center, UST Hospital, to St. Luke’s Medical Center and Philippine General Hospital among others, indeed the advancements of medicine continuous to develop and prosper in the Metro Manila region.

Although, it must not be overlooked that several other medical institutions also exist beyond the metro like in the Visayan and Mindanao region. Some of which fall in world class rankings and are visited by many patients seeking for advanced and precise medical care.

Chong Hua Hospital, Cebu City – Visayas

The Chong Hua Hospital of Cebu City

Brief History

Situated in the heart of Cebu, Chong Hua Hospital is a non-stock, non-profit organization under the ownership and management of Asociacion Benevola de Cebu. Its humble beginnings started in 1957 as a charity clinic established to provide patients with free medical consultations and medicine. Throughout the years, the Chinese hospital was able to grow into a 5-story building with proper air conditioners, and apt medical equipment. In 1971, a 1000 milliampere X-ray machine was set up in the X-ray department, the first of its kind for a more in-depth command on serving patients with the best of the best medical technology. Chong Hua was then recognized for its outstanding service towards their patients and the people of Cebu. The hospital was dubbed as one of the “Most Outstanding Private Institutions” in Cebu, Visayas in the year 1977.

Mission, Vision and Values

Chong Hua’s main vision is to strive to be one of the world’s best state of the art health and learning institutions, providing patients with personalized care during every precarious step of their treatment and recovery. The hospital’s mission to “provide safe and excellent healthcare driven by a culture of continuous learning and improvement” through commitment, accountability, respect, excellence and service in the medical field continues to propel their initiatives, as well as achieve their collective goal of providing quality patient service.

What does the Chong Hua Hospital have to offer?

The Chong Hua Hospital of Cebu City

Since the Twin Towers expansion in 1998, the Chong Hua Hospital seizes to stay relevant by gaining prestige for industry leadership in the medical field. Coping with the demands of modern medicine, the Filipino-Chinese medical institution is deemed highly accessible from all avenues of the city and the province as a whole. The constant improvements that took place throughout the years, led to the establishment of advance heart care facilities, and with the 5-storey building now holding 246 beds, and around 500 room accommodations in the 12 story Twin Tower Hospital, as well as a respective pharmacy, indeed the hospital seizes to move forward with one constant goal in mind, patient welfare and quality medical health care.

Room Rates

The Chong Hua Hospital of Cebu City The Chong Hua Hospital of Cebu City The Chong Hua Hospital of Cebu City  The Chong Hua Hospital of Cebu City

The Eye Institute

The Chong Hua Hospital of Cebu City

Known for its center for ophthalmology’s 2005 upgrade where the Eye Institute was established, grew into a revolutionary medical service provided among patients across the Visayan and Mindanao regions. The establishment of the Eye Institute has led to several notable achievements that spearheaded the hospital’s reputation in the international medical field. When it comes to determining certain types of eye disorders from cataract, glaucoma, to vitreoretinal lesions among others, the hospital’s fully-integrated and comprehensive laser facilities pave way for a more accurate diagnosis for patients.

Being well aware of the many advancements regarding medical services offered all over the country, especially in the metro, it is no doubt easy to overlook other medical institutions who have a lot to offer patients with quite specific medical needs. There is also that sense of urgency that other patients look for in certain hospitals which others usually disregard in big hospitals situated in the city. This often jeopardizes the quality of the medical assistance patients pay for when staying in hospitals in the city. Giving underrated  hospitals like the Chong Hua Hospital the chance to provide you the up front and hands on medical attention you demand is a risk worth taking, due to the fact that it holds quite the potential, and frankly even better service provided by most hospitals and clinics in Manila.

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