Bicol’s Hamster Wheel in the Sky

As treetop adventures, canopy rides, and zip-lining have become popular activities in recent years, a place rich in biodiversity and filled with lush greenery is still best explored from atop. Seeing forestry from distance is interesting in itself but imagine rolling through a hamster ball machine rolling you around in circular motion as you get a view of the vast Philippine forestry, would you even notice the greenery?

Avid nature and outdoor adventure seekers are in for a treat as Mayon Sky Drive, a local All-Terrain Vehicle Adventure (ATV) provider in Bicol featured a soft run of their latest outdoor activity to be opened to the public before 2019 ends, according to Bicol Standard.

Rolling with the homies?

The Hamster Wheel in the Sky is a new outdoor attraction many locals and tourists alike would enjoy as it is lined up with a view of the beautiful Mt. Mayon of Bicol. This new thrilling addition to the bustling tourism of Bicol was in partnership with the Department of Tourism’s Accredited Tourism Establishments within the Bicol region.

The Hamster Wheel in the Sky happens to be one of the most in-demand services visitors take part in when in the province. Aside from this, Mayon Sky Drive also offers ATV rides around Mt. Mayon like the Green Lava Trail, as well as tunnel explorations, climbing, and visiting waterfalls at Vera among many other activities.

When exploring Albay, Philippines in the latter part of the year, make sure to book a Hamster Wheel session and see the beautiful perfect coned shaped mountain of Mayon, while trying to see the rest of Bicol’s beauty in a safe circular motion.

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