Balut: Top 1 Scariest Food in the World

Travel often entails adventure and an appetite for life. That is why when tourists and visitors from different places of the world come to a new and exotic place, the first thing they will look foris always food. Food often tells a story about a place and the people inhabiting it. More often than not, the most local and exotic dishes are overseen by the commercialized dishes and trendy food to taste. In some way it’s from western influence, but in other ways it’s just the world expanding its horizons to various culture.

Despite such imbalance, travelers and tourists don’t give up on finding out what dosh best resonates a place and its environment – no matter the cost. The most exotic dishes in the world don’t always mean the most easy to consume or the tastiest. It could mean a number of different things. Balut being the number one worst food in the world is one delicacy that can be found for cheap and anywhere in the streets of the Philippines. Among other daring foods to try are the following below:

When it comes to Asian food, the Philippines is probably the most daring. Filipino food does not necessarily stick with just oriental influence or Spanish influence in food. It is different in a way that it is a combination of different Asian flavors. Although, it still navigates away from the standard Asian touch of fish sauces and what not. From caldereta and sinigang to adobo and halo-halo; there is never just one synonymous flavor per dish. Sure, Filipino cuisine is versatile and daring, but it can also be quite terrifying for many tourists and foreigners who have dabbled into the bizarre side of Filipino delicacy. When I say bizarre, I’m referring to the popular and “exotic” egg called balut.


 What is Balut?

Balut is a Filipino delicacy that is popular among many locals. It’s basically a fertilized embryo that is boiled after being incubated. It goes through 17 days of incubation before going through the boiling and selling process. Balut is popularized in the Philippines but is sold in several parts of Asia like China, Cambodia and Vietnam. Balut is typically eaten warm. These duck eggs are kept warm by being covered by newspapers in a box or basket. It usually costs less than 10 pesos an egg and are usually sold at night in the streets.


How do you eat Balut?

  1. Find the flat part of the egg and tap it lightly for a light crack.
  2. Peel off the top part and lightly sip the broth of the duck egg.
  3. Reveal and eat it as a whole to avoid the overwhelming feeling of the duck’s head. It is optional to eat the white part of the egg.

NOTE: Most people enjoy Balut more with a pinch of salt or vinegar for more flavor before biting into the egg.

Is Balut Healthy?

Technically, Balut has certain elements that make it healthy. Here are a few of health benefits you can get from this Filipino delicacy.

  • Balut also has 2 milligrams of Iron which plays a role in blood circulation.
  • Balut contains around 188 Calories

The best way to boost energy is by consuming calories which help in generating our cells. Calories also help improve the function of our internal organs.

  • It has significant amount of protein

Protein is an important building block for repairing and building body tissues. These include our bones, muscles, skin, blood and even cartilages.

Balut’s Notorious Reputation

Balut is a Filipino delicacy that has a notorious reputation for being terrifying and disgusting at the same time. Many foreigners and travelers to the Philippines don’t usually jump at the opportunity to try it.

Despite the stigma behind it, many other tourists and travelers enjoy trying balut for its interesting bite and unique flavor. The next time you find yourself in the Philippines, don’t let the fear of eating the duck egg hinder you from actually trying it. Be daring and absorb  some culture the Filipino way!

>> Watch foreigners try balut for the first time!

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