Auro Chocolate: Supporting Filipino Farmers in Davao

Having a sweet tooth can both be a blessing and a curse. Sweet treats like candies, chocolates, and deserts all have huge power over you when you’re a lover of sweet things. Chocolate is a sweet treat that many people just nibble on like popcorn when they can. Centuries have gone by and chocolate still seems to be here and has refused to flee from the times.

Every corner of the world has mastered their own signature flavor and its own brand of chocolate goodness. Universal chocolate brands like Hershey’s, Toblerone, and KitKat to name a few, have made their presence felt through multiple generations.

It’ All About Nostalgia

Producing chocolate that’s near and dear to a person’s taste is not a simple task. Many people are quite particular when it comes to their kind of chocolate; there are lovers of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, almond chocolates, and many more varieties producers and brands don’t often master altogether.

Local chocolates in the Philippines like Goya, Flat Tops, and Chocnut have made their mark into the local sweet scene. What many Filipinos have come to know and love from their childhood to their adulthood stays with them and brands like Chocnut and Flat Tops among others are reminiscent of exactly that.

Auro: Proudly Filipino

However, up and comer in the local chocolate scene, Auro is taking their turn into the spotlight and even supporting local farmers and producers to further the brand; a product working its way into Filipino flavors people are coming to know and love. Auro Chocolate embodies the “Bayanihan spirit” in its core principle, and has been around since May 2015,  locally produced in Laguna and grown in Davao, it brings an array of flavors that have redefined sweetness in a bite.

Auro Chocolate is a proudly Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company that practices sustainability and peer-to-peer entrepreneurship with farmers from Davao City in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. The cocoa beans used in Auro’s chocolate is directly from local Davao farming communities which Auro purchases in higher value to inspire quality and to provide farmers the chance to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Filipino Farmers First

The huge agricultural drift between landowners and farmers has been a constant issue in the Philippines for decades now. Thus, the below minimum wages that Filipino farmers make on the daily, isn’t enough to provide for their families and to continue sustaining the lands wherein we get our food. Auro Chocolate stays business-centric but pro-sustainability with Filipino farmers as the company’s main partners in creating premium and taste-made chocolate that is recognized worldwide.

Marc Ocampo and Kelly Go, founders of Auro Chocolate | Image Source: ABS-CBN News

The company was founded by Mark Ocampo and Kelly Go who made sure to elevate the brand and quality of the chocolate has not only established a Filipino favorite. They’ve also empowered farmers through superb sustainable partnerships, and better quality for a better price than most high-quality chocolate bars.

Auro Chocolate may be new to the average “Chocnut” eater, but in the last four years, it has challenged Filipinos to support local products while ensuring they get quality products in pursuit of supporting the hardest working sector in the country; agriculture and farming. Auro is a brand that sticks, and leaves quite the impression after just a bite of their chocolate goodness; every bite leaves a taste of home in every-Juan’s tastebuds.

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